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It’s school holiday time, hooray! But while some of us are swapping our daily grind for a change of scene, like an overseas trip or weekend away, others are on the lookout for a window of opportunity.

Some of us have heard of friends of friends returning from a day’s work or a much needed break to a smashed window and all their goods stolen. Others have been home, at peace in their living rooms when intruders have attempted a break-in. And the rest may’ve only heard of invasions happening on the news or in movies and TV shows.

Many people think they’ll never personally fall victim to a burglary. But the fact of the matter is, domestic invasions occur more frequently than you think and criminals are getting more and more cunning with how they pull them off. So how can you protect your home when you’re not around?

  1. Alarms
    Perhaps the most obvious solution to fending off offenders, but installing a security system that’s designed to alert you of an attempted (and unsuccessful) break-in with a screeching, neighbourhood engulfing siren will do the trick to keep your home safe.You can find affordable solutions with the latest technology to send live updates straight to your smart phone too, so you know the precise moment that someone has attempted burglary.
  2. Security
    Security cameras are a no-brainer to add a level of protection to your home and contents. Don’t just install a camera; place it within plain sight and have official technical signage indicating it’s legitimate and in operation.Securing all your property’s entryways and fittings with an industry registered and compliant installer ensures you have one less thing to worry about when you’re away from home.
  3. Distraction
    An unlocked door or a window ajar could definitely send alarm bells to criminals rushing to seize the day in your property, but the little things aren’t necessarily factored out of the bigger equation.Let your friendly puppy rev up its bark for intruders. Display an authentic-looking sign that video operated footage is used. Leave some lights on or soft background music playing from an old radio to leave the impression you’re home. It couldn’t hurt!5 Tips to Avoid Home Burglaries
  4. Visibility
    You wouldn’t leave an alcoholic in charge of bar. So why would you leave your valuable possessions out in plain sight of thieves? Storing away diamonds, family heirlooms, cash, passports, bank statements and electronics ensures you’re not asking for a burglary. Never write down passwords into obvious notebooks or word processor documents labelled ‘Passwords’.And you can never be too cautious – get creative with hiding spots for those things you can’t live without. There are plenty of affordable security storage systems out there at your disposal, just don’t forget to share their access codes with a friend or family member you can trust!
  5. Routine
    For the most conniving of thieves, the hum-drum routine of our boring lives can truly be a major deterrent of break-ins. Not collecting the mail, parking in unusual spots, or other unexpected changes to the daily grind can pique the interest of criminals, suggesting there aren’t any occupants.Don’t let them have party time with your belongings! Stay safe, secure and reassured that your home and contents are happily sitting at home ready for your return.

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