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Are you serious about hunting down your new home? With all the properties on offer in today’s market, it can be a daunting task to find something that fits both your budget and desired lifestyle.  So to make the task less overwhelming, we’ve shrunk the house hunting process into more manageable, bite sized pieces. Take a look at our checklist to ensure you’re on track to securing your new home!

  • I have: set my budget

Setting a realistic price on how much you’re willing to spend helps take stock of your finances in an increasingly difficult economic climate. Establishing your maximum price means you won’t be emotionally swayed come auction day and chip in that little bit more that’s out of your budget’s reach and put you in a difficult position.

  • I have: decided on location

While you may’ve had a desired location in mind for your dream home, it’s worthwhile not dismissing surrounding suburbs. How far are you willing to live from work or school?  For all you know, a little compromise mightn’t detract too much from your everyday commuting and lifestyle choices and you could save dividends in the long run!

  • I have: defined the essentials

It’s all well and good to know what you do and don’t need – but you can lose sight of that when inspecting property after property online or in person. Keeping track of your essential checklist items, like how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need, pet friendly requirements, proximity to public transport, schools, shops within walking distance and community services will make sure you don’t find yourself too invested in a property that won’t suit you.

  • I have: considered compromises

How important is having a backyard over larger room sizes to you? How important is land size in proportion to your proximity to the CBD? Do you need timber floors? Ask yourself what you can live without.


  • I have: made a list

Now that you’ve started viewing your candidates, screen them by placing them into categories of ‘need’ ‘want’ and ‘like’. Your decision making process will become so much clearer when you’ve got all your options spread out before you on a sheet of paper, and the dwellings you’re better off to pursue will become clearer, unfazed by those that just don’t tick enough boxes.

  • I have: cross checked with other parties

Now you’ve crafted your list, cross reference it with the other important parties. How does your list compare to your future housemates, your partner or your family?

  • I have: taken photos

Don’t let yourself be swept up in the whirlwind ride of property shopping! Take photos to keep tabs on each inspection – it’ll also help include the other stakeholders in the decision-making process.

  • I have: sought advice from the experts

Get the edge with a consultant and see the property first with a private viewing time. Talk to the experts that deal with this stressful, arduous task for a living. They know the market back to front and are happy to help give you an insider edge to sealing the deal on your dream property.


Whatever type of property you’re after, a checklist can help make researching real estate a much easier task. We’re ready to work with you and any other concerns you may have to make embarking on the next chapter of your residential lives a breeze.


If you have enquiries, Hicks Real Estate team is available to call today on: 07 3355 6845.

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