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With spring about to be sprung, how do you prepare your garden for the new season? Take stock of your current veggie or flower garden to brace the coming months and let it thrive in all of Brisbane’s subtropical conditions. Read our top tips below and you’ll have a garden the neighbours will envy.

Tidy up your garden

Clean out any debris that may have blown itself onto your garden thanks to winter’s unpredictable winds, floating leaves and dead branches. Give your garden a good spring clean, including getting rid of those pesky large weeds. Scoop out algae and dead plants ruining your water features. Pick off rotting fruit which will attract flies. For anything new you’re planning to add, take stock of your current space.

Remove the frost

With stalled growth in the colder seasons and less sunlight about, get the hefty landscaping and maintenance out the way in preparation for prettier sights to bloom. Early seedlings in the heart of winter will be halted for growth from chilly nightfall, so cover overnight. Cut back your frost-killed perennials. Fruit trees and shrubs will benefit from Bordeaux and lime sulphur to counteract disease. After the frost, plant spring vegies like tomato, lettuce, snow peas and herbs to enjoy in fresh summer salads.


Time to get some goodness into your garden with a solid boost of fertiliser to help roots grow healthy and strong – we recommend slow release or pelletised fertiliser. Rake up all dead growth on your lawn in favour of future organic matter by reseeding or returfing bare areas.

Plant spring flowering bulbs

For a fresh injection of colour snag a bouquet of old faithfuls to rejuvenate your garden. Our favourites include cineraria, pansy, daffodils, tulips, petunia and impatiens planted in garden beds or flower pots. You’ll get the best colour out of tulips when you plant them 15 centimetres deep at this time of year.

Take stock of equipment
Spring clean your hoses, sprinklers, gardening gloves, clippers, shovels, rakes, compost bags, hand trowels and seedling containers.

Potted plants now in need of a bigger home will need re-potting, so give them some love with fresh potting mix, trimming their roots or replacing the pot.

Top up mulch
Mulching naturally hinders weed growth, saves on water usage and helps your garden flourish, so spread the good stuff over soil about 5 centimetres deep.

Prune your perennials to keep them seasonal, as well as anything damaged by frost. Prune roses, deciduous trees and shrubs, and cut back overarching branches. Vigorous plants only need a light prune; you can prune more forcefully with weaker plants.

Protect against pests
Attract the helpful protectors by using organic baits that do not pose risk to children or animals.

With the beckoning of longer days and warmer forecasts, prepare to show off your pride and joy to family and visitors relaxing outside. Your garden may very well be the star of the show at your property proudly flanking your home, but don’t forget to give your outdoor decor a spring clean, too.


Now you’ve got your garden well under way, keep your interiors up-to-date.

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