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At Hicks Real Estate, we believe that effective and professional property management can only be achieved when dedicated and professionally trained specialists are employed to manage your most important investment.

Our experienced and professional property management team is dedicated to you. Your investment is very important to us, which is why at Hicks Real Estate we  offer a variety of services and ensure it is professionally managed.

  • At Hicks Real Estate, we keep your asset well-presented.
  • Our regular rent reviews result in the highest possible gross income and tax effectiveness.
  • Most importantly, we offer the peace of mind that comes from knowing your property is with the most reliable, real estate agency in  North Brisbane.

Here, Hicks Real Estate outlines our professional management of your investment.  Periodically, other points may arise which may not have been documented and require clarification. Our policies are focused on  you and your investment,  our team  is  pleased to discuss your specific requirements with you.


Can you afford to risk non-compliance with your real estate investment?

Could you easily represent yourself at the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)?

When it comes to property management, we are…

‘The Brisbane Property Management Specialists!’


There are many advantages in engaging Hicks Real Estate property management team to manage your investment property. 

Hicks Real Estate is not the biggest, but we are the best.


Agents involved in property management (and indeed owners) must act within the guidelines set down in certain Acts of Parliament, including:
  • Property Occupations Act 2014
  • Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008
  • Trade Practices Act
  • Anti-discrimination Act
  • Privacy Act
At Hicks Real Estate, we act in our clients’ best interests, legally, ethically and financially, at all times.


To have your investment property rented and managed by a fully-trained professional team who is constantly being updated by their network with market information and investment management skills, will help you to achieve greater success through your investment.
The Hicks Real Estate marketing mix includes extensive marketing and a strong, well-known family name in North Brisbane. Distinctive signage and excellent service means that more tenants go to Hicks Real Estate.

We don’t want a huge ‘rent roll’ as most other agents do. At Hicks Real Estate, our focus is on providing quality service to you, not on numbers. This is important when considering who is going to manage your most valuable asset.

Hicks Real Estate has access to a world of tenants, and we will show your investment property to the world.



At Hicks Real Estate, we are much more than just a rent collection agency. Our complete management services take away the worry and responsibility that comes with finding qualified tenants, collecting rents, and managing the general upkeep of your investment property. We offer a complete property management service from our conveniently located office.


Any payments from Hicks Real Estate to you will be paid directly into the bank, building society or credit union account of your choice.

A detailed statement of payments is forwarded to you within two working days of the end of each month, usually via email for your convenience. In addition, an end of financial year statement is also prepared and sent. It summarises the yearly income and outgoings for your property and helps with tax return preparation. Our fully computerised accounting system can be relied upon for its accuracy.

All of your financial statements can be downloaded at any time through our online owner portal.

One of the most important questions asked by potential landlords is:

‘How much does it cost for Hicks Real Estate to manage my property?’


A fee equivalent to one week’s rent, plus GST, is payable to Hicks Real Estate when your property is successfully leased.

When your tenant’s lease is ready for renewal, we will provide you with a current market analysis so that you know we are achieving the best possible price for your rental property, and do everything we can to make sure the lease is renewed nice and early, so you have peace of mind that we are keeping good tenants in place. Our lease renewal fee is $100, plus GST.




A fee equivalent to one week’s rent, plus GST, is payable to Hicks Real Estate for the selection of a tenant. Or if you find a tenant, a fee equivalent to half a week’s rent is payable to us.

A good tenant is very important, but sometimes they are hard to keep. When your tenant’s lease is ready for renewal, all reasonable steps are taken to ensure your tenant signs another lease term. $100 plus GST,  is payable as a lease renewal fee. We will always seek your advice prior to signing a tenant to another lease term.


Our fees cover all services and procedures outlined in this guide, and are as prescribed by the Property Occupations Action 2014 recommended Scale of Fees.

A small fixed amount is payable every month per property to cover sundry outlays, such as postage, interstate and international telephone calls, bank fees and other minor associated administrative expenses. The Federal Government Tax on deposits is also passed on to Hicks Real Estate.

Your friendly Senior Property Manager or Principal will gladly discuss all fees with you. At Hicks Real Estate, we pride ourselves on recognising our clients’ unique needs and, as such, treating each person as an individual as we strive to meet their needs.

Hicks Real Estate does offer special discounted fees for landlords when managing multiple properties.


A comprehensive marketing plan is used to market your investment property, this includes professional photos, floor plan, signage, brochures and internet advertising on multiple platforms. Please contact us directly at, and we will create and cost your individual plan.


Our website is user-friendly and very informative, Your property will be displayed on our website until your property is rented.

Your property will also be advertised on:


When it comes to property management, we are…

‘The Brisbane Property Management Specialists!’


On rare occasion, a representative from our office may be required to attend to a small claims matter or meditation on your behalf. A $110 fee per hour for preparation plus attendance. These representations do not occur regularly, but when they do, most of the day is occupied by your case. Please check with your  accountant in regard to claiming this amount in your tax return.


The most important aspect of property management is the selection of a suitable tenant. Hicks Real Estate office profile, assisted by regular advertising, ensures that we maintain good levels of enquiry. However, we are very discerning; our philosophy is to be critically selective as our aim is for you to have a worry-free tenancy.
Hicks Real Estate is well known for our thorough selection process. Prospective tenants are carefully assessed through both an application and interview system. Previous rental and employment checks, as well as verbal references, are conducted. The greatest care is taken to ensure that the correct tenant is chosen. Most importantly, you, as the property owner, will make the final decision.

“Together we will work, together we will achieve.”

Hicks Real Estate is a member of TICA, which is a national tenancy database company based in Sydney. This gives us more scope to check previous rental records of all prospective tenants.

We may be tough on potential tenants, but it is part of our commitment to keeping your investment property well maintained.


Once a tenant has been approved for your property, a full bond (four weeks rent) plus two weeks rent is paid, and all documents have been signed, the keys are given to the tenant. All bond monies are lodged with the Residential Tenancies Authority on your behalf. Bond loans are a common occurrence; the tenants arrange this through the Department of Housing, which guarantees their four weeks rent for your bond.


Prior to occupation, a full and detailed inspection of the premises in conducted by our agency; this includes taking photographs of the property. Copies of the photographs are given to the tenant to check, sign and return. We were the first agent in Brisbane to introduce this approach and believe that no other agent in Brisbane is this thorough.

The original inspection report is filed for our records and a copy of the report is sent to you.

The first regular inspection is conducted approximately ten weeks after the tenant moves in, and then every seventeen weeks thereafter. If the agent is not happy with the inspection, the tenant will be issued with a Breach Notice, allowing seven days to rectify any issues; this will occur after consultation with you. Hicks Real Estate will inspect your property using the latest technology and create detailed reports for you.

Hicks Real Estate considers inspections an important part of managing your investment, where cleaning, damage, and general maintenance are priorities. We like to keep all properties at a high standard, even when the tenants may not agree.

Hicks Real Estate is committed to achieving the highest possible rent return for your property. Hicks Real Estate offer a free rental appraisal at the end of the tenant’s lease, or any time on your request. We will always strive for maximum return for your investment.

Hicks Real Estate employs a full-time leasing officer for your convenience.


Hicks Real Estate is very diverse and willing to exceed landlords’ expectations. We will pay your rates quarterly by the due date, or even monthly if required, at no cost to you. Hicks Real Estate is happy to pay your Queensland Urban Utility bills and insurance premiums too. We are always striving for better customer service.


Hicks Real Estate is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday, allowing tenants plenty of time to enquire about our properties.
Tenants can pay their rent by internet transfer, direct debit, eftpos, or bank transfers via the Pay Way card system, which is our preferred method of payment. All receipts issued show dates rent is ‘paid-to’.

Rental arrears are checked daily and action is taken to collect all rent arrears. The tenant will receive a reminder at third, sixth and seventh day, encouraging the payment of outstanding rent. If no effort is made to pay the outstanding rent, on the eighth day, a Notice to Remedy Breach is issued, giving seven days to rectify the situation. If at the end of this period the breach has not been rectified, then a Notice to Leave is issued, giving seven days for the tenant to give vacant possession of the premises.

We do not tolerate complacency from tenants with rent arrears. This is a serious matter and should be dealt with to the full extent of the law

A copy of these notices will be sent to you, keeping you informed of what’s happening with your tenant and your property. If the tenant fails to vacate the property at the expiry of the Notice to Leave, we strongly recommend applying to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) for a warrant of possession; this will help to expedite the process.


Hicks Real Estate will arrange all the necessary maintenance work for you, bearing in mind your specific instructions. With an agreed maximum expenditure amount in place, usually two week’s rent, we will arrange for a tradesperson to attend to and complete any maintenance, with your approval, of course.

Any maintenance over and above the agreed maximum expenditure amount is discussed with you by telephone. However, before any work is approved by us for completion, written authority from you is required.

If the work is being carried out under warranty, we will contact the supplier, or if claimable under the landlord’s insurance, we will notify the insurance company on your behalf. We do everything we can to take away the worry that sometimes comes with owning an investment property.


We only use qualified registered tradespeople and handymen.


Smoke alarms and safety switches are mandatory in all rental properties. Smoke alarms are required to be serviced, tested and cleaned within 30 days of a new tenancy commencing, as well as within 30 days of a lease renewal being entered into by the tenant.

We recommend using a professional safety compliance provider to carry out this service, which includes changing the battery, checking to ensure the smoke alarm hasn’t expired, and cleaning the smoke alarm to ensure it is not dusty.


Hicks Real Estate does have the ability to pay Queensland Urban Utilities and rates on your behalf. If you decide to have bills sent directly to us for payment, the full amount will be charged and paid from your rental monies.

If the property is WELS compliant and individually metered, we are able to charge the tenants for the full cost of the water consumption outlined on the bill. We highly recommend that all properties be compliant so that tenants are liable for the water they use. Our plumbers are able to help you achieve compliance.

If you choose to pay your water bills directly, once you have paid the bill, please forward a copy to us as soon as possible so that we may charge the tenants.

When the tenants vacate the property, we arrange for the water meter to be read at the exit inspection; we then bill your tenants for all water consumption up until their vacate date.


If your property has a pool and/or spa, by law you are required to register the property with the local council. You must also provide a pool safety certificate prior to leasing the property. Pool safety certificates expire every two years; Hicks Real Estate have pool companies that have the ability to review your pool’s compliance and provide a safety certificate for you.

If your property does have a pool, we strongly recommend the pool being professionally serviced once a month. The pool company that Hicks Real Estate currently use will invoice the owners for the service and any parts required, and invoice the tenants separately for any chemicals.


As of January 2015, it will be mandatory for all properties to achieve and maintain corded blind compliance. These mandatory standards will apply for internal blinds, curtains and window fittings (corded internal window coverings).

For complete information about the requirement, please read the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Safety Standard—Corded Internal Window Coverings) Regulations 2010. Tenants and landlords both have responsibilities.

The tenants are responsible for ensuring that no beds, cots or furniture are placed near blinds or curtains. Tenants must not let children play near cords/chains that they can reach. Tenants must report to the agency if there is a fault or concern with any blinds or curtains.

The owner’s responsibilities lie with compliance. Smoke Alarm Solutions offers a corded blind compliance service; we strongly recommend all owners seek assistance in this area. More information regarding the cost of this service can be provided to you, upon request, by Hicks Real Estate.


Section 80A of the Electrical Safety Regulation 2002 Under Queensland law states that all residential premises (rented or owner-occupied) must be fitted with a working safety switch. For more information contact the Department of Justice and Attorney-General or visit the website,


Under the new Tenancy Act, an emergency contact number must be given by the landlord for after-hours emergency calls. All our approved tradespeople are licensed repairers, carry their own contractor’s insurance, and have worked with us long enough to understand what a real emergency is or what can wait until the office can be contacted. Their work is checked regularly. Hicks Real Estate will not accept any responsibility or liability for any quotes, work or repairs carried out on the properties managed by Hicks Real Estate.


Although Hicks Real Estate have a very strict tenant selection, even the best tenants can experience difficulties, and for this very reason, we strongly recommend you cover your rental property with specialised landlords’ insurance.
Several companies offer this type of policy, and it pays to shop around. Be very careful to note the excess fee for each part of the policy; these can vary greatly.


Hicks Real Estate  is located at 2/6 Trouts Rd Everton Park. We proudly serve the needs of clients in the greater Brisbane region, from the Brisbane river through to North Lakes.
Our director and licensee, Justin Hicks, has many years of experience in the real estate industry. He continually strives to improve and upgrade our sales and property management divisions. Hicks Real Estate  location, in the heart of a rapidly growing area, gives our multi-award winning staff many new opportunities, with our client base growing every single day.

Total commitment to our landlords and tenants is what we strive for.

Hicks Real Estate team continually upgrades their skills and knowledge through property management courses run by the REIQ (Real Estate Institute of Queensland).

We are also members of the REIQ, which enables us to be up-to-date with the current legislation, rules and policies. Our founder, Madeleine Hicks, has been the local chairman of the REIQ since 2011. Many other principals, agents, property management staff and companies contact Madeleine and Justin for advice and help with their property management needs.

Being a member of the REIQ also gives you, as a landlord, real peace of mind. Hicks Real Estate is committed to be an innovator and market leader, staying ahead of the rest.


Thank you for the trust you have placed in our company, Hicks Real Estate… You deserve, and will receive, the finest possible service and greatest loyalty in the rental of your most valuable asset.
We make this pledge to you
  • To act in your best interest at all times.
  • To take all possible action to achieve the highest rental price for your property.
  • To provide an estimated rental appraisal based on available market data.
  • To promote and rent your property as agreed in our Property Management Agreement.
  • To feature your property in our photo display.
  • To inform you of the outcome of all possible tenants.
  • To ensure that all prospective tenants are qualified and approved prior to move in date.
  • To provide you with a monthly financial statement.
  • To diligently follow-up each and every potential tenant.
  • To be able to discuss any ideas or queries you may have.
  • To provide courteous and professional service by our qualified and trained personnel.
  • To contact you weekly with information and feedback upon your property being vacant.

This offer of management is not intended to be exhaustive in regard to all the property management services offered by Hicks Real Estate. However, it does intend to give you sufficient information and help you to understand that it is in your best interest to have your property comprehensively managed on a full-time basis.

We believe that the Hicks Real Estate team have the ability, enthusiasm and professionalism to ensure that your investment returns are maximised, while alleviating much of the onerous and sometimes unpleasant tasks associated with managing a rental property.

Remember – “cheapest is not always the best!”

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss our range of services with you in more detail.

Thank you, we, at Hicks Real Estate, look forward to working with you.

When it comes to property management, we are…

“The Brisbane Property Management Specialists!”