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There’s something wonderful about kicking back on your deck with a nice wine or cup of tea, and enjoying the peace and serenity of your home. But what happens when noisy neighbours move in, and they are the sort who have wild parties at all hours of the night? Possums are the ultimate in noisy neighbours, especially when they happily move onto or under your deck.

3 Step DIY Process to discourage possums from Decks

Remove all access to food sources
Possums, like all animals, stay where there is food. By removing all food and water sources, you reduce the likelihood of possums staying around.

  • If you want your possums to move on, never feed them (no matter how cute they look).
  • If you feed your pets outside, make sure that all food and water is removed from your deck at dusk and not placed back outside until morning.
  • Keep all pet food storage containers well sealed. Ideally, store pet food inside or in a possum proof shed. If you store the containers outside, make sure it is sturdy enough not to be able to be tipped over and has a lockable lid.
  • Don’t feed birds on your deck. Spilt seed can attract possums and rats. If you wish to feed birds, sweep up any spilt seed at dusk each night.
  • Don’t have open compost piles in your yard. Only use sealed compost bins or worm farms to reduce access to potential food sources.
  • Until your possum has moved on, rethink growing tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables on or near your deck. If you have a fruit tree nearby, pick up any fallen fruit each day.

Block access & sleeping spots
Possums need something to climb up such as trees and downpipes to get access to their preferred sleeping spot.

  • Prune back all overhanging trees or bushes from your deck.
  • Clear all clutter such as leftover gardening pots, bags and containers from your deck as they make lovely nesting spots.
  • Make sure BBQ covers don’t create a warm tent-like area under the BBQ. Add a few Velcro strips to open up that space.
  • Block off areas around air-conditioner units.
  • For the ultimate protection, consider fully enclosing your deck with mosquito netting, roll down clear plastic screens or cat enclosure mesh.

Add deterrents
Possums are remarkably tolerant and persistent and can be hard to deter. You may need to try different solutions to find one that works.

  • Add in motion sensor-activated lights or motion sensor-activated sprinkler systems. Many possums can cope with bright lights, but being permanently wet dampens the enthusiasm of the toughest possums.
  • Some people swear by loud radios playing rock music near nesting areas. You may find your neighbours may have a few swear words of their own if you try this option.
  • Try mothballs, ammonia, garlic spray or commercial possum sprays. These tend to be less effective, but worth trying.

Thanks to Peter the Possum & Bird Man, you can reach him on 07 3250 1111

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