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The first misconceptions that should be addressed immediately are the notions that a ‘boutique’ real estate agent only caters for high-end clients or is too small to break into the competitive real estate market.

These statements are untrue.

In reality, a boutique real estate agency is simply a locally based, highly specialized business with a culture centered on customer service, professionalism and community.

Here are a few reasons why choosing a boutique agency is a wise decision:

Caring and Understanding – A boutique agency is more likely to have a strong emphasis on personal service and a true understanding of your needs. It’s important that you trust the people who sell or rent out your home, and you may find yourself becoming lost within the ranks of a larger agency’s vast array of clients. A boutique agency will not overload its books with clients, allowing them to provide you with a customized approach. This understanding of your true needs allows the agent to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Accountability – At a boutique agency, you will generally only deal with the same agent from start to finish, whereas with large agencies you may find yourself shuffled between different people with different roles who do their part and then palm you off to the next department. Miscommunication is greatly reduced and all promises and concerns are dealt with immediately and are easily traceable when dealing with the one person at a boutique agency.

Response Time – Bigger agencies often have a more controlled and less flexible work flow. Unnecessary delays, slower reaction times and an inability to provide excellent customer service are the trademarks of a larger corporate real estate agency. Boutique agencies can respond more quickly, be more flexible in how they handle changes in instructions more and handle complaints or emergencies immediately.

Community – Boutique agencies have a closer tie to their local community than a franchise does, hence they provide the best possible service they can as they value the good word and personal referrals that may be passed on. A boutique agency’s business thrives on how well the local community around it is thriving. Expect them to donate to local groups and be involved with community events.

Innovative – Due to the ‘red tape’ that exists everywhere within a larger agency, innovations and adaptions can be slow in progress. A boutique agency can quickly take advantage of the most advanced techniques and innovative technology on offer ensuing that they are ahead of the queue.


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