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There is an old saying: ‘Every room has eight corners’.

Your mind may wander for half a second as the pertinent correction entertains your thought of a room only having ‘four’ corners, before returning to the logical dimensions of a room.
This is the genius of the statement and a highlighting factor of what should not be forgotten when undertaking the interior design of a space that may be smaller than what’s preferable.
Once a thought like this is integrated into your approach (among many others), you may find your spaces opening up and a once frustrating and challenging task, becomes a fun activity.

Below we’ve listed a few helpful tips that may inspire or guide your creative eye when planning your compact home space.

  1. Tiny Room, Not Tiny Furniture – Occasionally, with a small space, people will choose to adorn the room with smaller furniture out of fear that large pieces may dominate the room. This is inaccurate, for example: a large sectional couch may be far better option than a small sofa and a chair.
  1. Organise, Before You Organise – Before you purchase organising supplies, sort and purge your things. This will save you from purchasing unrequired storage solutions that may prove to be their own storage issue in the future.


  1. Mirrors And The Illusion Of Space – Creating a grand space with minimal room requires maximum light. Mirrors will reflect whatever lighting is provided and open up rooms. Even a glass coffee table or glass picture frame will create reflections.
  1. Do Not Obscure Windows – Hang curtains so that when they’re open, the entire pane is clear. Remove all obscurities and clutter from the area to maximise appeal.
  1. Think Vertically – Don’t let vertical space go to waste. Hang art and shelves, or place furniture that will draw the eye up and expand the space of the room.
  1. Your Colour Palette – All white is the fail-safe enhancer of any room with the minimal distractions it creates. This may not suit everyone’s preference; so if you wish to incorporate your favourite colour, stick to a basic and thoughtful palette.
  1. Reduce Clutter – The same amount of items on the floor of a large room in a smaller room will always appear more cluttered. Best avoided.

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