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Autumn and Spring are traditionally know as the best times of the year to sell your home.

With this in mind, it can be beneficial to try sellingduring this busy period of where the better presented gardens and moderate weather can often stimulate buyers to enter the real estate market.

However, it is also important to keep in mind that a higher level of purchaser interest will likely be matched by a greater number of houses being placed on the market – negating any benefits you originally had from the presence of a larger group of buyers.

With the theory of supply vs. demand taken into account that normally influences selling prices, listing your property during a different season may reduce your competition.

For example: The market is known to go very quiet during the Christmas period in most regions, for obvious reasons.

But its not always seasons that hold the greatest influence over selling prices and buyer activities. In many cases, the reason someone sell/buys might be motivated by personal reasons such as death, divorce, or Financial gain/loss etc.

Which means: that it is possible to market a property and anytime of the year if necessary.

Still, we have compiled a few tips and reason to sell you property in each of the seasons below.



Spring is the month where everything is growing and coming to life! It’s filled with bright colours and the weather is generally stable and leaning towards warmer.

So if you have an outdoor area or garden area that is blossoming, this is the time of year for you!

  • Ensure the property is well aired, especially if you’re just moving out of cooler weather as you may have been keeping closed up a lot to keep out the cold.
  • Remove any mould spots that might have crept up in winter
  • Fertilise lawns and gardens
  • Pressure wash pavers, brick, and concrete etc.
  • Recoat tired looking decks
  • Add bright colours to emphasise the season with cushions and towels etc


Summer is generally quite hot. If you’re place lacks shading or is not easily cooled during this season, then I would think twice about selling at this time. Otherwise there some great reasons to sell in the summer.

  • Properties like holiday houses by the coast or river, or elevated properties that get cool breezes lend them selves to being sold in the summer.
  • If there are unshaded, west facing windows, that make it quite hot in the afternoons, it may be best to hold inspections in the morning.
  • If the place needs to be cooled, do so at least a few hours before any inspections so that potential buyers feel comfortable as they look through
  • When deciding on accents, opt for cushion and throws with cool colours like blue or green.


Autumn can often be a busy time in real estate as families have had time to recover from the summer holidays and get into the new school year before thinking about moving house. As weather can vary, again remember to keep the home comfortable during inspections. In autumn, that could mean turning a on the air-con one day and the heater the next! For accents, think a few cosy touches that suit the cooler temperatures, such as textured cushion and warmer colours.


Homes that get great winter light can really stand out during the cooler months. Those west-facing windows that were a problem in summer can make for a real bonus from June through August. Draw back the curtains and blinds on all windows and let as much light and warmth in as possible.

In the cooler parts of Australia, the focus should be on feeling warm and comfy. So light the fire or switch on the heat, turn on all the lamps and add some warm reds and oranges to your soft furnishings.

Also, be sure to consult your agent about the best time of day to show your home. For example, if you have lots of north-facing windows and receive plenty of winter sunshine, you’ll probably want to show it during the day.


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