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There is a difference between your house selling, and your house selling successfully, and that difference is usually more money in your pocket.

So if you are serious about selling your home, there are 3 key factorsyou need to account for when preparing your home for sale and getting the best result.

They are:

  1. Presentation
  2. Promotion
  3. Pricing


All tHicks Real Estatee when combined together will make you a winner!


This begins by removing your personal emotional investment in the home during the the selling process. For some people, this can be the hardest bit. So visualize the house as a productthat needs to appeal the most  prospective buyers, not so how much how you’ve grown accustomed to it.

A great place to start is by asking your real estate agent.. They will give a detailed list of recommendations to get your house sale ready. Be prepared though as these may include things like minor repairs, painting walls or replacing things like cupboard doors and handles etc. Then comes the showcasing to create the WOW factor. This is not exclusive interior design; it is about making your home look liveable and loved. Prospective buyers needs to visualise themselves living in your property for them to want to make an offer.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by this process consider hiring a professional home stager (especially if the property is already vacant) or a professional organiser to assist you.

These things may seem like they’re taking a bit out of your pocket, and you might even be asking, why am I spending money on a home I’m selling. Well just like the old saying: “you have to spend money to make money” and nothing could be truer here. Real Estate Associaitons show that investments as little as 1% can generate a return in excess of 500%! So don’t stress, you’re investment is in safe hands


Here’s some quick facts:

  • 95% of buyers view the properties online first before they decide to drive by or view a property
  • 84% of buyers reported the photos to be the most useful information
  • The #1 action taken after viewing a home online was to drive by or visit the house.

*This was all according to the 2012 National Association of Realtors Profile of Buyers (USA)

What does this tell you? Photos and online presentation are of the utmost importance!

Be sure that you maintain open communication with your real estate agent to ensure that you make an impression online, then having your house prepared for open inspections. You should allow your house to be available for pirvate and open home   inspections as often as possible as this will help you get that top offer you’re looking for.


Getting the right price on a property can be very difficult. Become familiar with the prices that properties  of a similar size and configuration around you are selling for and compare them with your own home. One way of doing this is to attend their open for inspections and pretend to be a prospective buyer. Be wary of houses that you may be comparing with that are priced very high, as they may have been ‘sitting’ for a few months. This is a sure sign that the seller is asking for too much. If it is priced correctly the first time and promoted and presented well, you will be giving your property every chance to succeed. Surveys show that the longer a house stays on the market, the further below it’s asking price, it drops.

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