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Victorian property buyers fancy themselves as potential MasterChef’s while Queensland buyers are more worried about whether their property will turn a profit in the future.

New analysis of what it is that buyers want in their home and won’t compromise on, reveals significant differences between the states.

The only thing buyers in every state can agree on is that buying at a reasonable price is a top priority.

The study by realestateVIEW revealed Victorian home buyers wanted a big or good quality kitchen, followed by sufficient garage space and a substantial property size.

In Sydney buyers were more interested in not having to line up for the loo with a second toilet was more important to them. They were also keen on second bathrooms.

Western Australia buyers want to get to work quickly and easily, seeking a home with good access to public transport and something close to work.

As well as wanting to turn a profit in the future Queensland buyers are keen on plenty of outdoor space and being close to family and friends.

In South Australia outdoor space ranked highly followed by being close to work.

Asked on a scale of one to ten how important things were in a home, Queensland buyers rated potential for property price growth and air conditioning as important features.

Airconditioning was a must for South Australia and Western Australia buyers who also want plenty of storage space.

Almost a third of Victorian buyers will not compromise on being close to shops, cafes and restaurants.

In New South Wales buyers won’t compromise on property size, but only about a fifth thought it important to be close to shops and cafes.

Petra Sprekos of realestateVIEW says it appears Melburnians have been swept up by the MasterChef phenomenon by favouring big kitchens.

“True to its European reputation Melbourne buyers are also happy to live smaller but close to their favourite eateries and shops.’’

Ms Sprekos says Sydney buyers favoured multiple bathrooms, which are perfect for shared living.

“Particularly among young professionals, who want the Sydney high life without the hefty price tag.’’

Ms Sprekos says she is fascinated by the differences between cities.

“Victoria and New South Wales are quite similar, but I think the other states do vary because they are quite unique.

“Smaller cities such as Adelaide and Perth obviously factor things such as traffic less than buyers less than in Sydney and Melbourne.’’

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