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Is it me, or does there always seem to be a sale on in your local interiors/furniture store?

The sale season seems to be in full swing all year round and many of us are being bombarded with alluring emails, colourful catalogues and decoy signage about the ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ bargains which promise to transform our homes, ourselves and our lives.

Most of us have at times been lured into bargain hunting by seductive offers of 2 for 1, up to 30% off, or buy 1 get 1 free – and the deals appear to be hotting up season on season.


Well, while we may believe we are in control of grabbing a bargain, more often the retailer still holds the reigns, cleverly packaging up goods in a way which thrills all our senses, overwhelming us with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and clouding our judgement. Thanks!

Don’t be fooled by the thrill of the chase

If the thrill of the sales season always catches your attention, take a moment to consider how you are feeling when you are in bargain hunting mode; bored, anxious, empty, disconnected, lonely, or perhaps not good enough?

These feelings are part of the normal spectrum of emotions we all experience at times, so instead of undertaking a retail binge, try to find ways to acknowledge these emotions, sit with them, talk about them, or even write them down.

Research shows that the emotional regions of the brain light up when we secure a bargain or chase a deal, and as humans we are programmed to do what feels good.

Before you hit the shops – or the internet…

Yet buyer’s remorse can sting, as can spending beyond our means. So if you feel the need to redecorate your home, or kit up in a new wardrobe, consider the following tips before you go shopping or hop online:

  • Beware of becoming overly focused on the thrill of the chase, in turn losing sight of what it is you really need.
  • Take five minutes to consider what you will do with/how you will use your potential new purchase, even if that means going for a quick coffee or walk before opening your wallet.
  • Always take a list with you to minimise being seduced by the retailers.
  • Manage temptation by cancelling your email subscriptions and reminders from retailers to avoid being enticed into buying something you don’t need or want.

Now you’re mentally ready to hit the sales, and if there’s really nothing you need, but you fancy a look – maybe leave your credit card at home!

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