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Not even the most committed of bargain-hunters, seek out to buy tired, dirty and old … anything. And this is especially true when considering one of life’s great investments: a house. No one wants to buy trouble and effort. So if selling is on your radar, take aim with a paint-brush and put buyers at ease.

With a bit of a plan, time, effort and some money (not too much), you could refresh the appearance of your home and reap the rewards, come sale time.

Nothing says ‘move in now, this house is easy to live in and maintain’ like a new paint job. Absolutely nothing.

Clean walls, ceilings, skirtings and window sills speak volumes for a house’s liveability factor. And let’s be honest; we all want easy, simple living.

Even investing into what happens before painting – cleaning – can go a long way towards making your home shine. Both inside and outside of your property.

We’re not suggesting at all that deception be part of your selling strategy – you can’t hide structural defects with egg-shell white – but what we are talking about is presenting your home in its best possible light with clean, fresh paint.

Sometimes a more modern colour scheme, even just to the trims or fence, can transform a property. But keep in mind that neutral colours have a greater appeal to more buyers. And if you don’t have the time or money to have the outside repainted, a few hundred dollars will get the outside of a small to average-size house washed.

Once buyers step through the front door, try to orchestrate a great first impression with clear, clean living spaces. Potential buyers will then have greater scope in which to imagine their furniture in the house and what it might be like to live there.

It’s very easy to distract buyers – those people with keen, fresh eyes – away from the positive traits of your property, so minimise that risk by presenting your property in its best light. But keep in mind that consistency is appealing too; one freshly painted room amongst others that aren’t, can quickly change buyer impressions from positive to borderline. Or worse.

Seriously, sometimes it’s the little things that you do – such as cleaning and a bit of paint here and there – that gives buyers the confidence that this house has been looked after and will be easy to maintain.

People will go looking for trouble when inspecting a property; but they’re way less motivated to buy trouble – especially when it comes to making a sound investment decision.

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