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Winter Landscaping & Gardening Tips, A sense of dread overcomes many avid gardeners and landscapers at the thought of cold winter months. The midyear is often the bane of a well-maintained garden. Backyard trees are stripped bare, flower beds are left to the elements and rich, contrasting colours are beaten into greys, blacks and blues. Even our sunnier cities, like Brisbane, aren’t immune to the effects of winter.

A few choice additions and changes to your gardening routine, during winter, will ensure that your backyard doesn’t suffer, or your wallet. Winter can be a time to build a delightful, standout garden by using some simple insights from our landscaping team.

To maximise your property’s value this winter, feel free to draw on the 20 years of experience that Everlast Services has in landscaping services.

Winter Landscaping & Gardening Tips
Mulch and Compost

Getting the most out of your yard this winter means preparing the soil as well as possible. Luckily, all you will need for this is any organic matter you have laying around (fallen autumn leaves provide a great source of fertiliser). Taking care of your soil has tHicks Real Estatee great benefits Winter Landscaping & Gardening Tips:

  • It prevents garden beds from losing moisture and heat
  • It reintroduces nutrients and minerals to the soil, which promotes strong plant growth
  • It stops weeds from sprouting and turning your garden bed into a mess

You have all the ingredients for a free, eco-friendly alternative to commercial soil conditioners, and looking after your soil will help your garden retain its appeal throughout winter.

Birch Trees

It’s going to be harder to make out colours on dark winter mornings and nights, but bold, earthy textures can help bring depth back into your garden. We tend to recommend birch trees as an inexpensive, but still striking option. They can also be found in a variety of sizes depending on your specific needs; paper and yellow birch are excellent choices. A strategic array of birch trees can really enliven a property, and impress a prospective buyer.

Play with Colours

A quick and simple winter fix is to start planting greenery that sprouts beautiful, ornate colour combinations. Any foliage that sprouts berries will be a great source of colour and contrast, bringing warmth and life to a struggling backyard. Similarly, winter stalwarts like violas and primroses are effective additions to any garden, and with careful planning, can be show stopping fixtures during the winter months. Winter Landscaping & Gardening Tips.


Evergreens keep their colour throughout the year, and therefore provide reliable fixtures in bringing depth and colour to any winter yard. Some varieties can even sprout striking berries to inject further colour. You can find evergreens in manageable shrub varieties that will still maintain an impressive presence year round.

Grass and Texture

Spruce up your grass with ornamental varieties for cost-effective strategic dashes of colour, height and texture. Plume and maiden grass are always great options, whilst purple mountain grass adds a great visual flourish. A simple addition to sharpen up your garden architecture.

Outdoor Furniture and Furnishings

Outdoor courtyard furniture will have to take one for the team once the greenery fades. Furniture and furnishings will need to be durable and winter resistant, and will require a bit of maintenance every now and then. Similarly, consider investing in a cost-effective lighting system, if you haven’t already installed one, to bring out the best in your garden.

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