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Dear Real Estate industry, you’re bringing us down. There are few things that we are sick of letting slide by, and frankly, we believe it’s time that you got off your high horse, brushed yourself off and got with the times…

So what has been rubbing us up the wrong way?

Your paranoia that a more transparent marketplace, where buyers and sellers alike can communicate more freely with their agents and let everyone go home with smiles painted their faces, will be detrimental to your careers. Yes, data is going to be more accessible to everyone. But inhibiting clients from seeking what is only going to make them trust you more will devalue your services and give them a reason to query your professionalism. Agents who use those figures and share their analyses with clients through their expertise and history working day-in-day-out in the rate race are going to continue to profit from a satisfying career guaranteed to endure the booms and the busts.

Please, let’s quit it with the cunning strategies, too – we can see right through you! Make our already stressful and time-consuming task of house hunting that little bit easier. We can see right through your tight lipped responses, and when we query your authenticity, our eyes start to wander toward other boutique’s services. If there’s another competing buyer, or we are the only interested party, be upfront. If it’s a great deal, then we want a comprehensive market analysis to back up your one-liners. Some real estate agents are great deceivers – they’ll do anything to close a deal, so we will do our own research to find out on our own terms if we should trust you at all.

We’re not in the stone ages anymore! If you want to stay competitive and want a slice of the humble market pie, then you’ve got to get yourself digitalised! We’ll just go to another agency that offers us more insights on the Internet – from recent listings, suburb profiles, median property valuations, virtual tours and immediate online customer service, we want the whole package and we won’t settle for anything less.

We’ll ask our friends about you, and we’re happy to shop around until we find an agent that feels right. We stick with our gut instinct – we’d rather an agent be happy a client’s property is passed in than have it undersell its value. We look for agents that work for us, not for their big, fat pay check and the consequential misery of their clients.

We refuse to do business like this, and so should you! If you’re serious about getting the right advice and price, whether you’re buying or selling, come and speak to the real estate player that cuts the crap! We are Hicks Real Estate, and we are proud to be 2016 REIQ Finalists for Small Residential Agency servicing the residential market in Queensland’s capital. Call us today on 07 3355 6845!

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