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Whether you’re buying, selling, or renting, the real estate industry can be baffling. There are so many statistics out there within arm’s reach, but the quantity of them can be overwhelming for anyone not comfortable with market trends. For those who are unfamiliar, where do you begin to make your research of what’s on offer that little bit easier?


Find data you can trust

Nowadays we are no longer restricted to promotional flyers at real estate agencies. Thanks to the Internet, we have a wealth of information conveniently afforded to us that doesn’t require surpassing an agent with a hidden agenda for easy access.

Find information on demographic and economic trends to see what is in high demand or supply with CoreLogic and publications.


Learn how to interpret the data

This goes without saying that those who can analyse the facts and figures will have a clear advantage over any competitors. While the real estate data is leaning towards a favour in the seller’s market, it is always worth investigating to compare current yields and capital growth predictions between different areas that you are interested in. Observe employment trends using the ABS website, or browse suburb reports and profiles, consumer confidence trends and the market cycle reports fast with your local reputable real estate agency, or a few keywords typed into Google search.


Get your weekly insights

Keep up-to-date with the goings-on by actively seeking out property lift outs in your local paper (or other desired markets), searching for published auction results, and by subscribing to weekly newsletters or investor newsletters. Create alerts for areas or establishments of interest to keep on top of your desired locations and properties. Discover what similar properties sell for or take a peek inside open house inspections for yourself to see what might give your property an edge against competitors, or what you’d look for in a home.


Seek advice from others

Speaking to multiple people – those players in the game, those on the fringe and other trusted friends and family members – will you give you varied perspectives and insights, a good combination of both professional and candid.


Don’t discount other factors

There is always more to the story, so investigate if there is an increased supply of or improved facilities, such as local pools, recreational areas, transport, local businesses to come in future. These sorts of factors can significantly catapult an area’s capital growth.


Approach your search with a touch of cynicism

Above all else, ensure that you conduct your research with a healthy dose of skepticism. If something you are told or conveyed does not add up, trust your instincts and seek another opinion or further clarification.


Once you arm yourself with the right tools to conduct your search, you will be well on your way to being a better decision-maker in the ever-confusing real estate playing field. Charge ahead of the competition and book a consultation with the Brisbane property experts – Hicks Real Estate! Call our team today on 07 3355 6845!

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