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Buying or selling or a new home or investment property is often an emotional decision. But you should also balance this with clear, logical, rational investigation and information.

 When partnering with a real estate agency, ask the tough questions. We welcome tough questions, because we can back up our claims with happy clients for the following reasons:

1.       We’re your real estate partner

The team at Hicks Real Estate make it our mission to put transparency back into every transaction. We understand that selling your property is a major life decision. We never assume. We communicate… actually, we’re human… we chat and share and inform and ask questions. We’re honest and direct, and above all, we listen; that’s what a partnership is about. And you should expect this of your real estate partner.

2.       We’re independent, our reputation is built one sale at a time

Independent agencies are agile and in control of every detail, large and small. And this is a good thing. We have the freedom to do all that you ask of us.

With half of all real estate agencies in Australia now independently owned, independent doesn’t mean obscure, small or less effective, independent agencies are about doing things better, more efficiently and more effectively.

3.       We care. Ask our clients…

We view our relationship with you as a partnership. We love what we do – helping people achieve their real estate goals – and our team works with your every step of the way. Check out our latest testimonials here.

4.       We’re great marketers and negotiators

A good agent will sell your home. A great agent will sell your home for the best possible price by generating maximum buyer interest coupled with astute negotiating: in partnership with you.

Buyers find the home they want because of good marketing through signage, print or online resources. And this is what we focus on: quality photography, clear and compelling property descriptions, scrutinising all buyer interest, and tough but fair negotiation. In addition, we manage an ever-growing database of pre-qualified buyers and increasingly are selling properties prior to listings.

5.       We consistently achieve outstanding results

Track record speaks loudly, when partnering with an agent.

Never hire the real estate agent who tells you your property will sell for the highest price. Hire a real estate agent based on their consistent track record of satisfied clients (they’ll be the clients who got the result they expected – or better).

6.       We love a good system

Tidy, functioning office; tidy mind. You know how the saying goes… Here at Hicks Real Estate we love a good system. We appreciate order, work-flow, and systemising, and that frees us up to do what we do best: be your real estate partner.

It might seem obvious, or even boring to rate so highly a systemised office, but unless we have our house in order, how can we prioritise yours?

So there you have it, our top six signs of a great agency, i.e. us. We’d love to hear what you think makes a great agency?

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Hicks Real Estate is a Brisbane based, full-service real estate agency supporting buyers and sell as well as renters and property investors. With almost 20 years experience in the local market, we are the real estate experts you can rely upon.