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If you own a rental property, or are thinking of buying one, this series of short videos by the ATO will help you understand your record-keeping and tax obligations.

No one likes to pay more tax than they need to so it may be worth checking out these informative videos by the ATO they may just save you some money.

Especially check out the one about Selling your rental property if you previously lived in it.  This can be a tricky area.

On this page

Introduction to rental property and tax

Tax tips on owning a rental property, including:

  • record keeping
  • what to declare as income
  • what to claim as deductions.

Claiming depreciating assets

Find out about depreciating assets and when you can claim them as a deduction for a rental property.

Claiming interest expenses

How and when you can claim a deduction for the interest on your rental property.

Co-owners of a rental property

Rental income you must declare and the expenses you can claim if you co-own a rental property.

Getting repairs and capital works right

Find out what you need to know before claiming a deduction for repairs and improvements to your property.

When can I claim a deduction for rental expenses

When you can and can’t claim a deduction for rental property expenses.

Selling your rental property

You may have to pay tax on any capital gain make on it and report any capital losses.

Selling a rental property that was your home

There are special capital gains tax rules that apply when you sell a property that was used for renting and also your home.

How to include rental income and expenses in myTax

This ‘how to’ video assists rental property owners to correctly complete the rent section of myTax.

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