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Slower speeds on the road.

Drivers on Stafford Rd will have to slow down outside Everton Park State High School from July 10. That section of road will become a 40km/h school zone, complete with flashing signs, during arrival and departure times from the start of term tHicks Real Estatee.

Road Safety Minister Mark Bailey said drivers would have to reduce their speed to 40km/h between 7am and 9am, and 2pm and 4pm, on school days. “We have decided to reduce the speed limit on Stafford Rd outside Everton Park State High School to 40km/h, from the current 60km/h speed limit, during school zone times to enhance road safety for students,’ Mr Bailey said.

Not only did flashing school zone signs improve the visibility of school zones, they also reminded drivers they needed to slow down, he said. “Students arriving and leaving school can be preoccupied and unpredictable around roads and cars,” he said.

State Labor MP for stafford Anthony Lynham said the new school zone was great news. “I encourage drivers on Stafford Rd to keep an eye out for the new signs and lights and slow down when they approach school zones,” Dr Lynham said.

“We are committed to providing an environment that is as safe for them as possible. This isn’t something we can do our own, we need motorists to adhere to the speed limit.” Flashing school zone signs have been installed at more than 780 schools across Queensland since they were introduced in 2011.

The Government has committed to installing 300 by 2018.

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