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New Everton Park Precinct. The latest proposal for the old Masters site

MONARC, a one-hectare precinct in the heart of Brisbane’s Everton Park, is set to become Brisbane’s next destination precinct.

Local Brisbane developer Rogerscorp, in collaboration with Woolworths, will be redeveloping the strategic land holding at 768 Stafford Road, Everton Park.

According to Simon Rogers and Oliver Bagheri, Directors of Rogerscorp, each of the five stages are due to be settled over the next tHicks Real Estatee to four years, allowing sufficient time to create a vision for the site that can be realised over the short to medium term.

“The most unique thing about what we’re doing with MONARC is that we’re creating a destination precinct that doesn’t have to be realised in today’s market.  We fully appreciate the current development climate and are solely focused on investing time and money in the design to ensure the precinct is positioned for Brisbane’s next wave of economic growth,” Mr Rogers said.

“Since there are a number of development approvals to be obtained to ensure the vision can be fully realised, Woolworths has provided some flexibility in terms of project timing, which we can then pass on to interested parties – both tenants, developers and investors alike.

“This flexibility with timing will not only help us deliver the project in line with the completion of some of Brisbane’s largest infrastructure projects (Queen’s Wharf, Howard Smith Wharves, Brisbane International Airport second-runway), it will also allow us to firmly set our efforts on creating a landmark precinct that will appease all stakeholders – State Government, Local Council and the broader local community.”

The 768 Stafford Road precinct is approximately 1.1 hectares and is fully serviced by road connection, sewer, storm water, water, electrical and planned NBN connectivity.

“Our vision for MONARC is to create the medical/retail hub which will serve well as a catalyst to encourage future investment into the precinct – expected from residential, retirement, aged-care, child care, commercial and other developers active in Brisbane’s middle-ring,” Mr Bagheri said.

“With more than 40,000 vehicles passing the proposed medical/retail hub daily, we have received strong interest to date from a range of tenants as well as owner-occupiers who recognise the strength of our vision.

“Over the next few months we will be investigating and exploring other domestic and internationally successful mixed-use destination precincts from which we hope to draw inspiration to underpin our final vision for the precinct.”

Rogerscorp expect to be lodging the preliminary Development Application (DA) and a Reconfiguration of Lot (ROL) within the next tHicks Real Estatee months. With the current timeframe of the project, the first stage of the precinct – a 3 storey commercial and medial building – is set to be completed by 2019, with the following stages being delivered each year following.

CBRE’s Chris O’Driscoll, Darren Collins and Anna Dunworth are the precinct’s exclusive appoint agents and are seeking offers to purchase or Joint Venture Stages 2, 3, 4 and 5 – with offers to lease Stage 1.

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  • Desley Hanifin says:

    Absolutely.. fab I rekn.

  • Emma says:

    Stafford And South Pine Roads are already a friggin nightmare with all the new appartment blocks in. This is going to cause MAJOR problems with the congestion and traffic that’s already present. What will be done to help this??? A four lane each way on both roads is all I can think of.

    • Glenn says:

      Yep they’re going to need to construct an over pass to even begin to alleviate the problems.

  • Maya says:

    The traffic to and from the CBD for Everton Park is already a nightmare, the roads are getting busier and busier, where are all the residents’ vehicle are going to go????? there are more and more units and complexes developed in this area with no consideration of this issue.

  • Gary says:

    Sounds like a great plan and will offer new and better facilities for the local area. I love it. Will require an upgrade to intersection of Samford & South Pine roads but the was already needed. Let’s hope this development gets the intersection upgrade fast tracked.

  • George says:

    To fix the traffic problem the solution just like every other hotspot in Brisbane would be that the government will take 5 years to consider options then at the last minute make a knee jerk decision and make the residents of Brisbane pay for an over priced solution that doesn’t work.
    The government has been planing to fix the congestion problems from this area and Ferny Grove since I can remember. The solution is not around the corner, so don’t wait for it.