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Construction of the new Chermside Library, North Regional Business Centre and Marchant Ward Office redevelopment is now complete and will the building was officially opened on Saturday 18 March 2017.

The redevelopment of the existing Chermside Library was in 2014, when an development application was lodged for a new Library and Business Centre, located 375 Hamilton Road, Chermside.

Formally, the application was for development permits for Subdivision (1 into 4 lots) and access easements and Material Change of Use for Community Use, Food, Drink Outlet, Office and adjacent to a Local Heritage Place.

New Chermside Library and North Regional Business Centre

Designed by Cottee Parker, the proposal seeks a construction of a 3 storey building on the site, at the corner of Kittyhawk Drive and Hamilton Road. The building will accommodate the new Chermside Council Library at ground level, and the new BCC North Regional Business Centre in the 2 levels of office space.

The new precinct offers a redeveloped library, a new business centre and the Marchant Ward Office in one convenient location for the northside community.

The upgraded library is larger and can accommodate tHicks Real Estatee meeting rooms, quiet areas for study and reading, news lounges, quiet rooms and booths, an exciting new children’s library, a Maker Space and a dedicated technology facility for digital learning and literacy. The library features the latest in Radio Frequency Identification technology to enable more convenient customer self-service. Library customers can access public computers and free Wi-Fi throughout the new facility, or enjoy a coffee or bite to eat at Café 641.5 while reading a good book or browsing the library collection.

Chermside Council Library (Ground Level)
– 2,970sqm for Library (Community Use)
– 30sqm for Café (Food/Drink outlet)
– Quiet Rooms
– Reading Lounges
– Children Area
– Self Serving lending

BCC North Regional Business Centre (2 Levels)
– 3,350sqm for Office
– Licencing and Permits
– Animal Registration
– Marchant Ward Office

New Chermside Library and North Regional Business Centre

The subdivision will provide for 4 separate lots over 2 Stages, to allow for the access, library/ office building and future residential development.
Stage 1
Lot 1 – 5,371sqm (Proposed office and library building)
Lot 2 – 69.72ha – Balance allotment
Lot 3 – 805sqm – Existing access driveway
Easements A – C (Vehicle Access)

Stage 2
Lot 4 – 3030sqm – Future residential development
Lot 5 – 69.42sqm – Balance allotment

Car Parking
Two (2) levels of basement car parking provides for a total of 221 car park spaces and 61 bicycle spaces, as listed:

Basement level 1
– 106 spaces (including 3 PWD spaces)
– 47 bicycle spaces / storage
– Lockers, shower and change room facilities

Basement level 2
– 115 car parking spaces

– 14 visitor bicycle spaces / storage

New Chermside Library and North Regional Business Centre

Four (4) distinct landscape zones have been integrated into the redevelopment
– the pedestrian entry plaza (between the library and ground level car parking
– the library forecourt
– the building foyer entry
– the streetscape

Feature planting to the library entry, retention of existing trees, higher quality pavement and higher density planting treatment.

New Chermside Library and North Regional Business Centre

The building will have a total Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 6,350sqm on a site area of 5,271sqm, that has a building site cover of 3,328sqm (63%) of the overall 70.33ha site area.

The site is located in the Sport and Recreation Zone (Metropolitan Precinct) and the Community Use and Sports Precinct (NPP-004) of the Chermside Centre Neighbourhood Plan. The proposed development involved the demolition of the exiting single storey Chermside Library and part of the existing car park fronting Hamilton Road. The Chermside Pool and 73 of the parking spaces fronting Hamilton Road were retained.

– Sunday 15 March 2017 (Library’s last day at 960 Gympie Road)
– Monday 6-Tuesday 14 March 2017 (Library closed)
– Wednesday 15 March 2017 (New library opens at 375 Hamilton Road)
– Thursday 16 March 2017 – 4.45pm (Marchant Ward Office closes at 960 Gympie Road)
– Friday 17 March 2017 – 4.45pm (North Regional Business Centre closes at 960 Gympie Road)
– Saturday 18 March 2017 (Official opening of the new library, business centre and ward office)
– Monday 20 March 2017 (North Regional Business Centre opens for business at 375 Hamilton Road)
– Wednesday 22 March 2017 (Marchant Ward Office opens for business at 375 Hamilton Road

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