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New Alderley Coming of Age, was once the forgotten neighbour to well-known Newmarket, but not anymore.

This ideally situated suburb, only seven kilometres northwest from the CBD and encompassing 2.4sq km area, is coming of age with millions of dollars being poured into its streetscaping and upgrading of its long established train station, as well as a new Coles development boosting local business confidence.

New Alderley Coming Age

A local real estate agent, said until recently, most people had no idea where Alderley was, but were aware of neighbouring suburb Newmarket.

“But in the last 12 months Alderley has arrived on people’s radar and it’s getting to the stage where a $650,000 house on a 405sqm block is entry level, and then the buyers are knocking it down and rebuilding,”

New Alderley Coming Age

“But there is something for everyone here from one bedroom units in boutique complexes, through to multi-million dollar houses, and because our suburb isn’t zoned for large developments we’re finding that unit and townhouse complexes are selling very well.”

Alderley’s big draw card is its direct access to Kedron Brook Bikeway, offering 40km of cycling tracks perfect for the exercise enthusiast and Grinstead Park giving families a great place to play and picnic.

It’s a very dog friendly, family friendly area.

The suburb itself has been under rejuvenation with $5.3 million recently spent on upgrade and beautification works, a major train station accessibility upgrade on its way and a Coles development site set to boost local business.

Confidence in the area was definitely improving with small businesses starting to move into the area such as boutique bar, The Ploughman Inn and local coffee shops.

Named after a well-to-do suburb in Manchester, England, it looks like Alderley is now well on its way to following in the footsteps of its namesake.

Thanks to Belinda Chilton, Real Estate Reporter, The Courier-Mail

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