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Australian’s are embracing the concept of sustainable design as they build new homes or renovate their existing ones, although in a nation such as ours, what works in one climate, may not work in another.

There are a total of eight climate zones in Australia, four of them which are present in Queensland.

Identifying these climate zones can be distinguished by the area’s climatic characteristics including temperature, humidity, breezes, sunshine and rainfall. Namely;

Zone 1 – Tropical (Townsville – Cairns)

Zone 2 – Sub Tropical (Brisbane, Rockhampton – Mackay)

Zone 3 – Hot Arid (Emerald, Longreach – Mt Isa)

Zone 4 – Warm Temperature (Toowoomba and surrounds)


Zone 1 – Tropical

THicks Real Estatee elements are key factors throughout this zone. Temperatures resulting in very hot summers, very high humidity throughout summer and very high rainfall during summer.


Zone 2 – Sub Tropical

Ideal breezes, hot summers and high humidity throughout summer make up the key factors distinguishing this zone.


Zone 3 – Hot Arid

Temperatures resulting in very hot summers’ and very cold winters, low rainfall throughout the entire year and dry winds all year round are typical for suburbs located in a hot arid zone.


Zone 4 – Warm Temperature

Warm temperature zones result in very cold winters, high humidity and varying breeze patterns throughout the year setting this zone apart from the other tHicks Real Estatee located in Queensland.

When it comes to designing your home, taking into consideration the local sun, wind and temperature conditions will help you maintain comfort and reduce or eliminate the need for air-conditioning.

Climate responsive designs also improve the comfort of the home by moderating the external climate through good room planning, orientation and material choices.

Designing for the tropics is essential in our climate. If your home is not designed right, you run the risk of having a hot home that is expensive to keep cool, particularly over the long, hot and humid summer.

The Cairns Regional Council have released a guidebook Cool Homes: Smart Design for the Tropics that takes you through the features that every tropical home should have.

Topics in the guidebook include, orientation and shading, building materials, ventilation, materials and colours, insulation, outdoor rooms and gardens.

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