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Despite the increasing popularity of professional home staging services today, you will still likely come across real estate agents and brokers who simply do not use home staging for their listings.

Even within the industry itself, you will meet real estate agents who are either sceptical of the home staging process and how it can help the property sell faster, or those who are dead set with their own marketing techniques and are unwilling to try any new system such as staging.

The hesitation by some real estate agents to use home staging sometimes comes from less-than-stellar experiences they may have had in the past with other staging firms or specialists.

So to sell your home, make sure that you:

  1. Undertake thorough and objective research into what your property is worth, to ensure you’re well priced
  2. Utilize the expertise of a good estate agent
  3. Present your property in a way, that its highlights are showcased and buyers can inspect it without distractions


What’s wrong with over-staging?

There are home stagers who tend to over stage, doing too much with a property and end up distracting from the real purpose of the technique altogether.

Staging clichés can sometimes come off as too bland or fake, and prospective home buyers might end up even thinking that something is being hidden if there is an excess of staging techniques utilized in a property.

You’ll end up distracting them so much with all your presentational theatre, and they’ll neglect to see all the amazing things your property has to offer.

To help you avoid these problems, here’s some of the top staging clichés to be avoided.

Cookies Baking in the Oven

Unless you plan on feeding your prospective buyers, don’t tempt them with delicious smells. They will only leave feeling hungry and frustrated.


Over Use of Air Fresheners and Scents

A home should smell nice if you are trying to sell it, but it should also smell normal.


Champagne and Roses on a Bed

Touches like these are great for special occasions, but are an overkill for your average home inspection. Focus on showing the bedroom at its best, not the most seductive.

Save the champagne for the day your property sells!


Perfectly Placed Pillows and Cushions

Of course you want your home to look comfy, however perfectly positioned pillows risk being a little too perfect.

Home staging that is planned carefully and executed correctly can add value to the home listing and speed up the time that it sits on the market. It is a good investment return, and the homeowner would avoid losing money as the house sits longer in the market and loses its value.

A well-presented house can command a good price and is easily marketable.

If you are looking for at putting your property on the market, the team at Hicks Real Estate are highly skilled, dedicated and people focussed professionals.

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