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When it comes to Selling your Home we know from a lot of experience that quality marketing is one of the most vital aspects to getting a great result.

Every Real Estate agent will tell you that they will market your property for you …. some will even offer free marketing, but let’s think about why marketing is necessary and what is it’s main purpose.

What is the Purpose of Marketing My Home?

Quite simply good property marketing is designed to get as many people as possible to see your property.  This means that the more buyers you can make aware of your property, the more competition you are likely to generate.  Which may result in a higher price for the seller.

When it comes to finding properties the online portals lead the way, and is the most used in the Brisbane marketplace, by people looking to find a new home.

So it makes sense that if you want to expose your property to the most people that should be used, right?  Of course!

That is why nearly all real estate agent use it.

However, like a lot of things in this world.  It is not enough to be there, it is important to be good at using this vital marketing tool.

Let’s look at how Hicks Real Estate perform on

Great Results Marketing Properties

During the 2018 year the Madeleine Hicks team were able to achieve an average of 2,021 views for our Property pages.  This compared to only 1,212 average views for our competitors properties.

That means that clients who utilised the services of our team received 166% of the views that properties marketed by our competitors received.

We are big believers in professional photography.  The photos look better and more appealing.

During the past year our property photos were viewed 37,636 times.  This contrasted markedly with our competitors who achieved only 19,924 views.

That is, our properties photos were viewed 89% more than our local competitors.

As we mentioned before the aim of marketing is to get more people to see the property.  But at the end of the day we want them to take action, by coming to an open home.

The properties marketed by the Hicks Real Estate team had on average 103 Shares and Saves. That represents the number of people who were interested in the property and looking to take further action.

Again we achieved a massive result against the local real estate competition, who on average only achieved 64 Saves and Shares on their properties.

When someone really loves the look of a property and wants to get serious, they will enquire directly about that property.  We know that we have a strong potential buyer when we receive these enquiries.

Properties that we advertised achieved an average 23 Enquiries, 164% of the number that our competitors were able to achieve for their clients at 14.

Why Does Hicks Real Estate Marketing work so well?

Firstly, we are good at what we do and we have always been able to adopt new methods quickly.

Premier Listings

When we place a property on we choose to utilise a Premiere listing.  These are larger and more prominent listings.

Premiere Property listings are seen first by prospective buyers at the top of all search results for maximum buyer attention and enquiry.

Premiere Properties receive an average of 20 times more views and 9 times more enquiry than Standard listings on

Professional Photography

As we mentioned before Professional photography is so very important.

The old saying “A picture paints a 1000 words” is so true in the crowded online marketplace.

Our photographer will select the best angles and highlight all of your homes best features.

We can even arrange for a dusk/twilight shot or drone shots if that will emphasise how good your property is.

Property Videos

In the world of Social Media it is all about videos now.  So we love to have high quality videos of your property produced.  This give a potential purchaser

Floor Plans

A Floor Plan enables people to see the layout of your property and get a feel for the size of the rooms.  The lack of a floor plan usually means that potential buyers may bypass your property for one that then understand better.


Google and Facebook Advertising

Not everyone is looking for a property on or Domain.

We have found that buyers can be found on both Google and Facebook.  A promotion on Facebook can be shared by people a spread virally to a large group of people.

We specifically target buyers looking in the area that your property is located.  That means the ad for your property will not be shown to everyone, only those that are likely to be in a position to buy your home.  This saves money and maximises to success of a campaign.

We do something similar with Google adwords as well.

facebook property marketing HICKS REAL ESTATE

When a property is listed with Hicks Real Estate we utilise another 35 methods to promote your property.  These are both online and offline strategies.

Great Results Marketing Properties

So if you are thinking about selling your home, make sure that you have the best marketing strategies in place.  Or alternatively just talk to one of the team at Hicks Real Estate who can help you to get the best possible result.

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Hicks Real Estate is a Brisbane based, full-service real estate agency supporting buyers and sell as well as renters and property investors. With almost 20 years experience in the local market, we are the real estate experts you can rely upon.