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It goes without saying that when someone sells a house, they want to be left feeling as though all the preparation work they did was really worth it. Before putting a property on the market, it’s worth taking some time to strategise your preparation. Whether it be general housekeeping or something as extensive as renovating, you’ll want your ‘to-do list’ to include everything that will make your property shine like a gem in the real estate pebble-pile.

The lead up to a property sale can sometimes be a stressful and arduous process. If at the end of it, you believe that all those hours of meetings, planning and budgeting didn’t quite work out, it can be a little disappointing. You might even start to lose some of your faith in property as a channel for investing.

This shouldn’t be the case though. There are a few routine practices that are absolutely vital to the selling and leasing process if you want to bring about the best possible price. A price that meets or exceeds what your efforts deserve. It might seem like a lot of work, but imagine laughing your way to the bank, knowing that you’d gotten the best out of your investment.

Be it for the retirement fund, future investing or even a new car, here’s what must be considered to make your property really stand out from the crowd, and sell at the best possible price.


Street Appeal

If you want a property to stand out in your potential buyers’ minds, it has to stand out in its physical environment too. In order to attract more interest, it must be a place that looks inviting; somewhere people will actually want to walk into. Don’t be afraid to repaint anything that looks weathered. If gutters are overflowing or roof tiles are cracked and mossy, they must be paid attention. Lawns should be neatly trimmed, any garden area simple and tidy, and any paths or driveways should be swept clean.


Cleanliness and Functionality

The interior of your property should really fit the meaning of the word ‘spotless’. Bathrooms and Kitchens in particular should be shining – hygiene is essential to making you stand out, and these areas need more than just a feel of general tidiness. Carpets should look as new as possible. Any dust, dirt or grime needs to be dealt with. And while all that may seem obvious, the next bit does not; your house should function properly. They may seem insignificant to you, but if doors jam, windows creak or taps leak, buyers may begin to see the property as a project. Its fine to advertise that it can be a project – for example there might be room for a buyer to install a pool – but if it already is a project, it will turn people away.


Flow and Consistency

This is where renovations can come in to play. If the entire house is fairly old with traditional styling and finishing, a brand new bathroom with an entirely modern and state-of-the-art design will show the rest of the house as out-dated. It’s fine to update and improve certain areas, as long as it doesn’t clash with the rest of the house. The same applies for kitchens and living areas; it’s good to impress, but a feel of consistency throughout the building goes a long way. Buyers should be able to go to different rooms still feeling as though it’s the same house.



People can be easily impressed by a house that feels bright and open, while still accommodating the comforts of being inside. When selling your house, show off the natural lighting areas. The more places that can be lit by the sun independently the better. This is particularly important in the colder months of the year. If your property can feel like an escape from the dreariness of winter without feeling like a cave, it will stand out. Sunlight always trumps light-bulbs, and it’s therefore important to show how your home can be tastefully bright in order to stand out.



Assuming your advertising your home with furnishings in place, it’s very important that choice and placement is decided carefully. A well-furnished house can add an enormous amount of value, but poor furnishing decisions can have the opposite effect. Furniture is all about balance if you want your house to be remembered; not too crowded is important. An empty wall can become powerfully attractive with the simple addition of some artwork or a mirror. Neutral colours are good. Some antique pieces or artistic ornaments don’t go astray – as long as it is pacified by conventional, sophisticated and simple furniture throughout the dwelling. At the end of the day, furniture should upgrade the status of the house from merely an investment, to a home that all types of people would want to be in.


Having said that though, nothing makes a property stand out more than a good experience on inspection day. If you need a friendly, well-mannered real estate agent to give your potential buyers the best possible impression while inspecting your home, give the Madeleine Hicks team a call today. (07) 3355 6845.

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