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Everton Park High School, 2017 has started on a very positive note for Everton Park State High School, with a significant increase in student numbers from last year.

Acting Principal Mr Peter Turner, said that an extra 33 students would be attending Everton Park High this year, an increase of almost 15% on the numbers from 2016.  The additional students has meant that the school has been able to add an additional 2 teachers.

The new teachers are in the Math/Science and STEM/Arts area that are significant in the new digital economy the students will be entering into.

Mr Turner said “the most pleasing aspect is that we now have 63 new grade 7 students, which means the student population will continue to grow in future years at that rate.”

“The school has been working hard developing a culture, with an added commitment to the basics of full uniforms and exemplary behaviour.”

Homework Club

One of the very valuable initiatives implemented in the past year has been a Homework Club.  This is where teachers freely volunteer their time to provide an extra learning environment for students.  THicks Real Estatee times a week students can stay at school for an additional hour to complete their home work or get extra assistance with their subjects.  The school provides free snacks to the attendee.  Between 20 and 80 students take advantage of the Homework Club each day.

The benefits are many with students being able to complete homework at school and not have to do it at home.  It allows parents to not have to try to assist, which can be stressful for parents, and it also allows the students to be avoid the wrath of their teachers for not having completed their homework.Everton Park High School


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics  touch almost every aspect of our lives.

We have smartphones and tablets. We have driverless cars and surgical robots. We have expeditions going on beyond our solar system. Innovations driven by people Everton Park Logo 1-minskilled in STEM are changing how we live, work and understand the world.  At Everton Park a new facility is being established to equip our young people to contribute to this changing world.

We want our students to harness the opportunities and meet the challenges of the future.

“The new facility will have a specialised Artist in residence, art spill out areas, green rooms for video production as well as a robotics and drone lab.  Many of the jobs of the future will be tied to a persons ability to code and we are providing that opportunity here,” said Mr Turner

The future at Everton Park State High School is looking bright and it is now seen as a very desirable school to attend for a more personalised education experience.  With 100% of 2016 seniors achieving a QCE or QCIA, the results are on the board.

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