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For those of you who have been keeping warm under a rock of late – and have missed the final episode and auction of The Block (reality TV’s renovation show) – you may be left feeling a little anxious.

Even if  you’re not so interested in reality TV, last week’s finale makes for interesting discussion.

It’s almost an oxymoron that the term ‘reality TV’ is used when we talk about shows such as this, because what went on with the renovation and auction of five units, was far from reality.

These units, renovated and styled to within an inch of their architraves and cornices, auctioned amid huge publicity: far more than the average pre-auction campaign could hope to muster.

All units sold for between $205,000 and $295,000 above the reserve price set. Not a bad profit for a few months’ hard labour. And that’s where reality takes a departure…

When we watch shows like The Block – or any other reality TV show – we often come away with that uneasy feeling that comparing ourselves to others imparts. Not only are we comparing ourselves to others but we’re comparing ourselves to a tightly edited, strictly controlled production. Not real life.

A virtual industry exists, trying to convince us not to compare ourselves to others, but the reality is this: we still mostly do. And it’s not a particularly healthy pastime.

So, if you’re interested in renovating for profit, follow the wisdom of those gone before you, not what you see on TV land. Talk to experts, do your research – watch TV shows for inspiration – talk to local real estate agents, but don’t ever compare your situation to what was great entertainment, but ultimately an un-real TV event.


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