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Young Australian’s have it tough in more ways than one. While large numbers of our young adults are struggling to find work, those lucky enough to may be contemplating a future where the great Aussie dream – of owning your own home – is a too distant reality.

Is there more our politicians could be doing about this problem? And it is a problem. It’s not that the Government owes Australian’s the right to own a home, but the problem is about economics, social dislocation and distribution of wealth for our children. And theirs…

Recent suggestions by the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) that first homebuyers should be able to tap into their superannuation savings to fund a deposit is based on research pointing to declining home ownership levels and a sharp fall in the proportion of buyers purchasing their first property.

But the Government has denied this as an option for at least the next five years, amid strong opposition from the superannuation industry.

If adopted, will this measure proposed by the REIA bring about further market inflation as the First Home Buyers Grant has already done?

Inflating the property market has clearly benefited many but at what cost to an entire generation of Australians who appear at risk of never entering the market?

We know that property ownership is one of the key ways people can fund their retirement, so what’s the solution to getting more young people owning homes?

Surely, Australian’s should have a say in how and where their Superannuation money is invested and with share market volatility as it is, bricks and mortar – and a roof over your head – seems a super option. Pun intended.

And yes, there’s merit in a regulated superannuation industry which is there to protect and grow people’s retirement funds, as well bring discipline to the process (we’d probably not save for our retirement otherwise). We also know that the Government will struggle with funding an ageing population and Superannuation is designed to buffer this problem.

But, is there a point in maintaining our superannuation funds for a seemingly far-off retirement, when today, many young people just want a roof over their head and can’t seem to get there.

Should Australian’s be allowed to sacrifice their retirement income for a roof over their heads now?

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