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Everyday hundreds of people are faced with the daunting task of selecting a real estate agent to sell their property.

They might be putting up a family home or an investment property, but the same principle applies: this is one of the largest transactions that most people will make in their lives.

Mistakes or if incorrectly done, can result in the loss of 10’s, even 100’s of thousands of dollars!

But the decision can be an exciting step forward in your life, and the process and results can reflect well for you if the right agent is selected.

So below, we’ve provided a few tips to selecting the right agent to sell your home.

  • Research – You should put a large amount of research into your potential agent. Most agents will have a large online presence these days as they too know that you will look online for them. Visit and compare real estate agent websites, look for google reviews, and check their facebook pages for any negative or positive feedback. Finally, give their agency a call and see how caring and interested their staff will be in assisting your enquiry.
  • Find A Local – You want to find someone who knows the local area like the back of his/her hand. They will have a good idea what the competitions doing and give you a good gauge on what other properties you are up against. Ask agents as many questions as you can about the area and test their knowledge when you have the chance. An agent who knows the local scene can assess your home as it sits in the market, alongside similar properties.
  • How is he/she in the field? – One of the best ways to see your agent in action is to see how they perform at an auction or an open for inspection! Don’t worry about picking a property that is similar to your own, just go and see how they interact with clients and potential buyers. It’s also a good opportunity to meet them and get their contact info.
  • Comfort – Do you feel comfortable with the agent? During the process of selling the home you will need to be very open and honest with the agent so they can do the best job for you. It is also for this reason that you have to feel they are trustworthy and will be working in your best interest.

Be thorough with your Real Estate Agent selection process, and don’t compromise to find an agent. Every area that you are looking to sell/buy in, generally has a plethora of real estate agents working in and around the area, you shouldn’t need to settle for anything but the best!

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