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Buying or selling property? Choosing the right real estate agent for your needs can be overwhelming, so here are 5 secrets real estate agents won’t tell you about your property and how you can find an agent you can trust to get the job done.


  1. I am too inexperienced for your home

Real estate agents in high demand may pass you off to less experienced agents with more time who may be less skilled in marketing your property, handling phone calls and showing you properties. Vetting an agent by asking for their sales track record, character references, even paying for a report, are great ways to ensure you’ve made the right decision in selecting an agent.


  1. Inspections aren’t just for selling your home

Real estate agents often capitalise on the opportunity to expand their client database by approaching those interested in your property, poaching them off to other properties for more sales opportunities. Or, agents are able to pitch their services to other prospective buyers and sellers – many of whom are already in the area in which you are representing.


  1. Unfurnished properties don’t appear larger

While homes without furniture may appear more spacious, they can set unrealistic expectations when it’s hard to picture the space furnished, ultimately turning off buyers. ‘Naturally’ staging your home, keeping it clutter free and in good nick will leave a lasting good impression to buyers.

  1. I will win you over any way that I can

Some real estate agents overestimate your selling price to get your business. Not only can this instil false hope, it can also adversely affect the integrity of your asset. A property that does not sell because it has been unrealistically priced looks suspicious to prospective buyers.  Do your research and have a realistic idea of what your property may be worth compared to others. A good agent can help you do this.


  1. My fees are never set in stone

You can push to bargain for lower commission from a real estate agent. Read the fine print, like the administration fee on the contract, which is also negotiable. However, remember that you want to engage an agent who is a competent negotiator to achieve the best outcome for you. If you can drive their commission price down significantly, the agent may not have the negotiation skills to get the best outcome from their negotiations with prospective buyers.  Finding a real estate agent that fits your gut feeling – including personality traits – will be much easier to negotiate, buy and sell with, so take your time and do your vetting until you feel comfortable.


A competent real estate agent knows the market like the back of their hand, knows property, and will be able to have some understanding over the duration of listings in the current climate on top of your own personal circumstances and preferences.

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