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10 questions to ask yourself before looking for a new home.

Before you get caught up in the thrill of a brand spanking new (or new to you, at least!) humble abode, hit pause on the fairytale and get a reality check.  Ask yourself these 10 questions to ensure a great purchase.

  1. What is my budget?

Can you realistically afford to live here? How much have you saved for a deposit? How much are you looking at for a mortgage?

  1. Will my needs change as I do?

Is your family growing and in need of a bigger nest? Or is your nest shrinking, with family members moving onto new chapters of their lives while you’re looking to downsize? On the other hand, you mightn’t be expecting any major changes to your lifestyle and family structure now, but you’d like to plan for flexibility down the track. 10 questions to ask yourself before looking for a new home,

  1. How long do I plan on staying here?

Ultimately there will be property maintenance costs over any period of time – whether you are sprucing up your home for a sale, or retaining your property’s worth for market value when you do decide it’s time for a sea change.


  1. How far am I willing to travel to work?

With work life becoming ever so transient and job insecurity a common stressor, take stock of your current employment and how you perceive that to change over time. Are you in a permanent role? Do you see yourself traveling long distances to work in order to save on living costs? How will your employment impact on other family members?

  1. What is the capital growth forecast?

Research where in the market cycle your property stands. Review auction outcomes, compare trends in sales, do anything to better your understanding of when and where the best time and place to buy is.

  1. What, if any, future plans have been made for the area?

Future corporate plans to build multi storey apartment complexes, cutting off uninterrupted, picturesque views from your home and inhibiting parking and traffic access could stifle the growth of your property, heavily impacting its value.

10 questions to ask yourself before looking for a new home

  1. Do I need to look at schools in the area?

How much emphasis do you place on having your home within easy reach of good schools? Do you need to be within certain school zones?

  1. Do I own pets?

A pet-free dwelling or parklands nearby could certainly help you pull up your pros and cons list to shortlist properties once you begin the selection, viewing and application processes.

  1. How far are amenities?

Establishing proximity and access to pools, outdoor activities, supermarkets, retail outlets and public transport could have major pulling power during your property search.

  1. What are the other non-negotiables?

A hospital within close proximity? Lowset or highset? Pool or no pool? Defining the negotiable and non-negotiable factors in your life will help assist enormously when shortlisting future homes.

10 questions to ask yourself before looking for a new home. By staying ahead of the pack, listening to major and local news outlets you’ll be across the property market and avoid unpleasant surprises with your fantastic new purchase. Better yet, talk to the experts who know the Brisbane market. Talk to the Hicks Real Estate team today, call 07 3355 6845.

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