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How to be eco-friendly whilst saving money through straight forward 10 tips. Simple things that you can start today.

Tip 1.

If you have a chimney block it off when it is not in use as it permits hot air to flow through the house in summer. Remember however to unblock it again when it is in use.

Tip 2.

Make sure that at the end of using each facility you turn the appliances off at the power points.

Tip 3.

Use heavy drapes in front of your windows to obtain the heat in winter and retain it in summer.

Tip 4.

By using reverse angle ceiling fans it forces the hot air down to floor level keeping you warmer.

Tip 5.

Florescent bulbs are an easy way to save money and help the environment as they use less energy than normal light bulbs and last longer. So next time you need to change the lights switch to florescent bulbs.

Tip 6.

Make sure to clean your light fittings regularly as dirt reduces their output.

Tip 7.

Use cold water to wash with the washing machine and only wash clothes when the load is full.

Tip 8.

In the shower install a water restrictor showerhead and keep your showers to 3 minutes.

Tip 9.

Install a water tank to wash the car and water the garden.

Tip 10.

Last but not least and perhaps one of the most important water saving system to conserve water is to Use grey water recycling system. This is a system where all the waste water from the house such as toilet water, shower waste water and water from the washing and dishwasher is used to wash the car and maintain the garden.

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