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If you’re considering adding a pool, put on your ‘dispassion’ cap for a moment and consider your family home as an investment vehicle. With cap snugly on, ask yourself this: come sale time, is a swimming pool an asset or a liability? And does it matter to you?

Let’s be clear about this. A swimming pool as part of a property sale is a dividing force for buyers. And for some, it’s an absolute deal-breaker, even if your property ticks all the other boxes.

When considering any improvements to a property – including a pool ­ it is always wise to consider improvements in terms of appeal to potential buyers. You’re going to sell the house one day, right?

Of course, for most of us, our house is our home and our homes are where we live, love, laugh and play. As well as lurch-forth from many mornings a week to head to work, so we need and want our homes to be places where we are cocooned, refuelled and nurtured. And for some, having a pool does this. So by all means, get a pool and enjoy it.

But just look before you leap into a pool: literally and metaphorically. Come sale time, the addition of a pool will undoubtedly reduce your potential buyer-pool (pardon the pun) and only maybe increase your re-sale value.

But not everything we do with our properties needs to be about a monetary return on investment. You just need to be clear; is adding a pool a lifestyle investment or a gamble for investment gains?

While many people view the inclusion of a pool as adding great lifestyle as well as property value, others, quite correctly will recognise the regular cleaning, maintenance and servicing costs as a burden.

The suburb you live in and what type of property you have should influence your decision of whether or not to dig a hole in the ground and fill it with water. Homes in inner-city suburbs tend to have a larger percentage of pools, and buyers in these areas will often expect a pool as an inclusion.

Drive away from the inner-city ring and buyer expectations can be very different; with the idea of a pool enticing but the reality of the added cost or burden of running one a not-so-enticing proposition for many.

The bottom line is this: if you’d love a pool and you can afford the time and cost of maintaining one – and you’re not doing it to add value to your property – then proceed forth and enjoy.

There’s no denying that a well-designed, constructed and maintained pool will bring years of fun and pleasure to your family and lucky friends. Yet, if your aim is to add value to a property for immediate gain then

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