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If yes, you are definitely not alone. Many property investors that are new to the property market are not realising the potential tax savings that can be generated from incoming producing properties, which could potentially be tens of thousands of dollars!!

More often than not, the property investor is generally unaware that property depreciation exists or they think that it would not be worthwhile, as the property is old or in poor condition.

The good news is that the boat has not left. Whether the property is old and/or in poor condition or even renovated, it is always worthwhile obtaining a property tax depreciation schedule for your investment property.

Realising Your Property Tax Depreciation Potential

So take advantage of the potential tax savings now and put more money in your pocket by contacting us either via email or phone 0401 673 762. We would be pleased to provide free initial advice and help you unlock and realise the property tax depreciation potential of your investment property!

Should you wish to proceed with obtaining a Property Tax Depreciation Schedule, we guarantee that we will save you twice your fee in the first full year or the report is free!

To order a Property Tax Depreciation Schedule by downloading the Application Form at

QS-ING Quantity Surveyors and Cost Engineers are specialists in property tax depreciation and our service provides an accurate and current report that complies with the ATO requirements.

What is a Property Tax Depreciation Schedule?

A Property Tax Depreciation Schedule is the name of a report that determines the amount of money that can be claimed for the wear and tear that occurs on your investment property. The ATO allows property investors to claim a deduction related to the building portion and plant and equipment items that form part of the property.

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