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Reflecting on the current state of our industry, it is easy for older generations to remark that the real estate landscape is not what it used to be. True, the way we continue to trade property has shifted dramatically over the decades, but for first home owners, up and coming buyers, sellers, renters and investors, this change mightn’t be that obvious. Long gone are the days where agents who thrived in 1995 still dominate the playing field. In today’s climate, those wanting to sustain a long and fulfilling career in real estate are up to speed with the latest in tech, and those who don’t keep up are left behind.

The problem with old school agents

So what do we miss out on when hiring antiquated agents? Sure, some real estate players are backed by an impressive backlog of over 20 years’ industry experience. Yet those insights built from a career dedicated to market expertise will fall on deaf ears if not broadcast strategically to an increasingly technology-dependent audience. Imagine all that industry knowledge and potential falling by the wayside due to outdated marketing practices and a stubborn refusal to embrace new advances – heartbreaking!

The only way for real estate companies and agents to continue to be seen as a point of call for property and investment expertise is to offer something that the average consumer can’t access.

For those looking to buy or rent, the vast majority are turning to the internet to clue themselves up on available listings. The smart consumer expects an immediate access to information, and won’t be satisfied with anything less. They want quality photos and  video footage of the properties that they are interested in before they waste their time on an unsuitable inspection. They want a real estate agency that knows their desired areas in and out.

A real estate agent wanting to remain relevant and in high demand in a constantly evolving industry knows that they need to constantly look for ways to improve. Stagnancy is not an option.

An agent always offers an edge

Consumers expect to be  able to take their real estate research into their own hands, doing their own research their desired locations and within their budget. With clients no longer relying on you as data gatekeeper – what sets a modern agent apart? How do their extensive service, professionalism, and communication of the local market differ from their competitors?

Today’s agents still abide by traditional practices with hard copy brochures and pamphlets at the ready in their brick-and-mortar, but they offer more. Agents are luring in younger audiences using the mobile apps such as and Pokémon Go with their listings and branches. They are engaging customers by both flaunting their expertise and offering valuable advice on blog posts and online articles promoted on social media. They advertise online property alerts to keep on top of current listings.

The modern day real estate agency knows it’s costly not to keep up with the times. They speak fluent online language, adjusting their tone, marketing and strategies depending on where they are present. Because if they don’t, they’re going to be left behind.

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