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Let’s do something radical

Have we reached that age? That age where you start saying things like: ‘people used to …’ and ‘when I was younger …’ Hmm?

We think yes. And proudly so.

Now let’s not be mistaken here. We’ll say it out loud. We embrace the ‘now’ and we love technology. But there’s a but here. Here at Madeleine Hicks HQ, we love technology but only when it helps us help our clients.

Technology is not the driver of our lives or our business relationships. We are the drivers. Always have been. Always will be. Despite whatever clever, helpful or engaging technology percolates into our lives, we will always value human relationships, above all else.

Email, social media, the whole-vast-internet (and tweeting: otherwise known as witticisms-in-less-than-140-characters) and all they offer are amazing technologies, but not at the expense of – or as a replacement for – real relationships.

Our business is built on relationships. Relationships that help guide people through the sometimes complicated and stressful times of buying, selling or renting. This is what the team at Madeleine Hicks stands for: genuine, real and honest relationships with people.

So here’s our pledge. We’re going to do something radical. When that initial impulse strikes to quickly fire off an email, we’re going to ask ourselves: Can this be resolved better with a phone call?

This might not seem like a big thing on face-value, but as business owners we strive present a window into who we really are. And one way is to tell you what we value.

Increasingly, email has replaced actual conversations and although it clearly has its place in our business (and personal) tool box, we also realise that email – because of its passive nature – should not be our primary means of communicating.

An actual chat with an actual human is what we value … Imagine the possibilities …

Technology doesn’t build relationships with people. It is simply a tool. People build relationships with people.

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