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Property can be a great investment and can fund an early, wealthy retirement.

Smart property investors often have the comfort of knowing that they can quit their day job and live off their passive income that they have created whilst watching their assets grow.

Leading agent Madeleine Hicks of Hicks Real Estate believes that anyone can create wealth from property providing they devise and stick to their game plan.

“There is an abundance of information on property investment and many resource tools to draw upon, even for first timers,” said Madeleine.

“The real challenge isn’t in the legal detail, though it is wise to be educated or seek professional advice. The challenge is in formulating your plan then sticking to it,” Madeleine explained.

So where does one start?

Madeleine offers the following tips to devising your game plan:

  • Work out your reason why. Why do you want to invest in property?
  • What is your dream result?
  • Set goals you wish to achieve through property investment and WRITE THEM DOWN.
  • Put a net value on those goals
  • Work out your budget. Where are you spending your income?
  • Allocate and affordable amount to service mortgages.
  • Budget for vacancy factors, repairs and problems

If you are interested in property investment and would like assistance in getting started contact Madeleine on 3355 6845.

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