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Most people are generally pretty confident when stocks or property prices are going up. But it’s when negative news begins to filter through media and publications that you start to see investors jumping ship and selling off their investments. It’s the cool and confident investors that seem to rarely cave to this information and follow their own set of rules.

So how can we all maintain a calm demeanor and be a cool and confident investor in a world of seemingly apocalyptic predictions for the market?

Be positive

First is to change your way of thinking. A positive mindset helps you during business meetings and job interviews, why not investing? Having a negative or fear manipulated outset will only set you up for failure as you miss finding opportunities, recovering money from past losses or making the right decisions.

Don’t panic

Much like the classic Douglas Adams novel ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’, feel these calming words flow through you. Decisions made during down times of fear (rather than your own circumstances), are influenced by too much emotion and reaction. Sometimes you just need to stick to your long-term plans. If you sell while the market is plummeting, you could be missing out on the inevitable upswing.


Think long-term

To continue our long-term mode of thinking, you need to have an end goal. Your future decisions should all then be influenced by these end goals. Property investing is generally a tortoise-hare situation where long term will be the better option.

Be prepared

People always feel more confident when they are well prepared and investing is certainly no exception. Education and Research are the keys to your confidence. If you understand what you are investing, you will find it much easier to reach your financial goals.

Learn from your mistakes

It is likely, over your investing journey, that things will not go as planned at one point or another. This hurts the confidence, but you can’t let an irrational response to this dictate your future decisions. Relish the lesson you’ve been dealt (part of keeping a positive mindset) and choose to learn from it, carrying its lessons into the future.


Being a confident property investor is a skill that some people never obtain, but as you can see it’s not an impossible task. Start by speaking with real estate agents or professionals who you trust and develop your expertise from their opinions.

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