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 A new survey confirms high-income property investors have returned to the Australian property market with the intention to buy, a considerable shift from the same time last year. There has been a nine per cent increase in demand by investors looking to buy a property at the upper end of the market, according to the’s Consumer Insights Report (Buy).

Twenty-five per cent of investors were searching for properties to buy in the $500,000 or more price range, up from 16 per cent in April 2009.

General manager of sales and operations for Peter Wright says the research findings paint a promising picture of the property market.

“The report revealed one in two property seekers now believe the market is rising – a result not observed for two years,” he says. “Of those who believe the market is rising, the perceived reasons for growth include a seven per cent increase in investors returning to the market (35 per cent), a shortage of properties (54 per cent) and a growing economy (40 per cent).

“Investors were also one of the top tHicks Real Estatee homebuyer groups (39 per cent) that have sought pre-approval for finance with the intention to buy or build. First homebuyers and investors were also more likely to say they had thoroughly researched the market – up by 16 per cent and eight per cent from the last wave respectively,” Wright says.

The report also showed that investors were more likely to be male, aged 50 to 64 and living in high income households, while female investors were more likely to be younger, aged 25 to 34 years (30 per cent), compared to males (21 per cent). Both male and female investors were more inclined to come from double income households (54 and 50 per cent respectively).

The report is an in-depth survey that delves into the psyche of the Australian property buyer, covering topics such as buy, rent and share. The survey ran from May 31 to June 3 with 4082 Australians taking part.

Source: Australian Property Investor

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