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On Saturday 8th of August I was lucky enough to be awarded the number one metropolitan Sales Person within the Hicks Real Estate Franchise for 2008/2009 for New South Wales and Queensland.  Its the second year I have achieved this.

With this in mind you’d think that I’d know my stuff.  Yeah! I’m the expert!  No way. With the goal posts moving every day I am reminded how much this industry is motivated by emotions rather than pure business rules of supply and demand.

“Madeleine the property is over priced” … “I want 4 bed 2 bath 2 car etc and I don’t want to pay any more than $$$ and I want it now!” …  “Madeleine my property is worth $$$$ because I’ve loved it for so many years and lots of sweat and tears went into this home”…  In the middle of all this emotion is reality and my day consists of wading through the quagmire and finding this elusive reality.

Today I have a truck load of quagmire to get through!!! Wish me luck.

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