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There are three main characteristics to look for in a property manager to ensure they will treat your investment property like their own. First, ask yourself the following three questions:

1. Can I trust them?

A property manager is managing one of your most significant assets. Therefore, they need to be trustworthy in the good times and during challenging times.

A property manager will have access to your personal and sensitive information and must show they will follow through on their promises.

Do they value their reputation, keep their word, and respect their clients?

You can tell a lot about a person from your first interactions with them. Make sure they keep their word in the initial stages and value and respect you as a potential client.

2. Are they reliable?

The most important aspects of reliability are dependability, truthfulness, and responsibility. Being reliable allows peace of mind knowing they will perform their tasks accurately. They are consistent with their verbal and written communication. They carry out instructions and deliver projects on time.

3. Are they likable?

Trust, reliability, credibility, and honesty describe the trait of likeability. Recognising the property manager genuinely has your best interests at heart, not only for all parties involved but their position of professionalism and authority.

They should be grateful yet humble and personable. Have a bubbly personality with a strong sense of understanding and empathy. Additionally, they need to be problem solvers and have a positive outlook so that they can always find the best solution..

They must have the strength of character and are secure, robust, and sincere with the ability to understand others while providing peace of mind. An excellent property manager will demonstrate the value they provide.

If you want to speak to us about how we can help you work with a property manager that is trustworthy, reliable, and likable, then call us at 07 3355 6845 .

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