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There are two types of renovators in this world. The ones who will move out and get the builders in to do it in a short time frame and the DIY types who will brave months (even years) consistently covered in a lawyer of saw dust.

If you fall into the latter you would just about know the length of your sanity and how far it stretches. If you are yet to undertake this behemoth of a task, but plan to very soon, then this might be worth a read. No matter how skilled, how sane, how strong, or how patient you are, there will always be aspects of a DIY renovation that challenge you.

  1. Things are going to be dirty

You will occasionally attempt to sweep the house, in some futile attempt to make the house presentable. Don’t bother, no matter how many times you use extraction fans, close doors  or jam towels in open crevices, it will get dirty again almost immediately.

  1. Prepare for the emotional rollercoaster

There are 4 stages you will go through: Shock (“oh my god! Look at this mess!”), Panic (“I can’t seem to keep this house clean or tidy, the mess is endless!”), Fear (“Have we ruined this house/our lives?”), and finally, acceptance (“I give in to the constant mess, dust and chaos,”).

  1. Sleep…

Yeah… this will most likely become a rarity, get used to it

  1. Get used to layering

Unless you’re renovating in the middle of winter, you will most likely get cold. Doors will need to remain open for extension leads and people going in and out. You may potentially be trading fashion for practicality in an extreme way during this process.

  1. The budget

Unless you have access to vast riches, you most likely have a budget. You will also during this time, struggle to stick to this budget. To save yourself from last minute money scrounging and panic, factor in 15-20% of your budget to be for the unexpected.


  1. The timeline

Not only are you most likely to go over your budget, you’re also highly likely to exceed your timeline! Most of us will have a regular job leaving this project to be done in the evenings and on the weekend. After a full day of work, you will most likely not feel like sanding and painting for another 3-4 hours. Enthusiasm will wane so prepare for this!

  1. The internet

No matter your skill and experience, just remember that you always have your very own, on-call, handyman expert. It’s called Google. We’re not saying you should rely solely on the internet for your project, and believe everything you read to be gospel – there will be times when you should definitely call an expert.  But Google is a fantastic reference point if you’re stuck, or can at least lead you to the phone number of someone who knows best.


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