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Brisbane has long been touted as the next property capital growth hub of Australia, and it looks as though the sunshine states capital may finally deliver on its promise. For years it has trailed behind Sydney and Melbourne’s property markets, but as growth began to slow in these capitals, Brisbane was predicted to be the benefactor.

While slow to meet these expectations, it has begun to deliver on its promise and it’s inner city suburbs begin to find themselves enjoying the fruits of success from this shift in market, particularly Everton Park.

Everton Park sits within the LGA of the city of Brisbane, just 8km north of the CBD. It’s a predominantly residential suburb of an estimated 10,000, with more than a quarter of the population residing in semi-detached and higher density dwellings. So what makes it special?

Everton Park is not a clear leader from any single statistical point of view, but with all components considered, rounds up to be stand out choice.

Everton Park is a nice leafy suburb sometimes described as a ‘self contained suburb’. It boasts not only a variety of medical and dental practices as well as sports and gym facilities. Its low crime rate and neighborhood watch area create an atmosphere of safety, a destination suburb for young and old families.

Major shopping centers are not too close, but also not too far away with Stafford City and Brookside only a short bus ride away. Schools like Mt Maria Junior and Senior Colleges, Hillbrook Anglican School, Northside Christian College, and McDowall State School reside in the neighbouring suburbs, while Everton Park State School and State High Schools within create a plethora of educational options for up and coming families.

Does this all paint an ideal place to buy into? Well it seems other families and property investors agree too!

Recent statistics put Everton Park in the top 10 affordable suburbs within 10km of Brisbane CBD for houses at a median value $520,499. With its affordability an attractive prospect, its sales numbers over the last 12 months (ending January 2016) far exceeds all those that rank above it that puts this beautiful area into 2 categories: ‘Affordable’ and ‘In Demand’.

Rental yields in Everton Park also increased 4.5% during this same period, elevating it to the Top-4 for inner city suburbs in Brisbane.

As you can see, when all elements and factors are combined, Everton Park appears a very attractive prospect to Investors and homebuyers alike

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