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The Clean Energy Council recommends the follow these top 10 tips when buying a solar power system:

Be an informed consumer.

Research your options, be clear on your needs and compare quotes.

Know your daily electricity consumption.

By understanding what you use, you can assess how much you would like your solar system to generate, depending on your budget.

Get an estimate of how much energy your system will generate.

Your contract should include an estimate of the average daily output of your system in kilowatt-hours (based on where you live and the size and position of your system).

Check with your electricity retailer.

Never purchase a solar system without knowing what rate you will be paid for the electricity you generate and whether this will affect any hourly rates in your electricity bill.

Always use a Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer.

You can check your installer is accredited.

Avoid signing up on the spot.

You should not feel pressured to sign a contract on the spot. Take the time to understand up-front costs, warranties and pay back of your solar PV system.

Use products that meet Australian standards.

Ask your installer to provide proof that the panels and inverters meet the standards. You can also check the product list at

Check the conditions of product warranties and work guarantees.

Know who is providing the warranty (manufacturer or importer) and how long it lasts.

Keep the documentation.

A copy of your contract is necessary to resolve any disputes down the track.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

For more information download the Clean Energy Council’s Consumer Guide to Buying Household Solar Panels.

The Clean Energy Council has also addressed some myths about solar energy through its new Solar Myths and Facts info sheet – click here.

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