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So you’ve decided to sell…now what? Before going on talk to us.

“The real estate business is not just about houses… it’s about helping people move on to the next chapter of their lives.” ~ Madeleine Hicks.

Selling a home can be complex. It’s easy to overlook something or be overwhelmed by the process even if you’re an experienced seller. Real estate Brisbane specialist Hicks Real Estate knows how you’re feeling so, before going on speak with one of our team, on 07 33556845.  We created a ‘how to sell my property’ checklist for homeowners in the Everton Park, McDowall, Stafford, Kedron, Stafford Heights and surrounding Brisbane suburbs that will keep you on track

Decide whether you want to sell it privately or engage an agent

Although we should love to help you sell your home, and even though there are many advantages in doing so, you don’t have to use a real estate agent.

Keep in mind, though that 90% of home seller do use an agent because they believe the service they receive and the price achieved made the investment worth it.

Advantages of using an Agent

  • Save a substantial amount of time which you would otherwise have to spend managing your own sale:
    • Advertise the property
    • Erecting signs
    • Arranging photography
    • Fielding calls from potential buyers
    • Organizing open homes every week
    • Booking private inspections
    • Taking care of the legal paperwork
  • Real estate possess market knowledge the public generally does not have. Their experience allows them to more accurately determine selling price than you could.
  • Agents are skilled negotiators who may be able to achieve a higher selling price than you could by selling the property yourself.

house for sale brisbane

Choose an agent  & organize a market appraisal.

  1. Do some research on real estate agents who are local to your suburb.
  2. Look for an agent with a great track record, years in the industry, local area knowledge and marketing and advertising ability.
  3. Ask your friends and family for recommendations.

Then make appointments to interview at least tHicks Real Estatee local agents to discuss how they can help you and to give you a valuation on your property.

A word of WARNING… when asking how much your home is worth focus on the answer very carefully to determine if the agent is giving you a realistic market estimate or just telling you what you want to hear.

The agents should be providing you with up to date examples of property sales in your area.

It’s vital that the estimate is accurate because buyers will be discouraged if the price is set too high.

house for sale brisbane


Once you’ve made a decision on which agency you want to sell through, give them a call and ask for them to arrange the paperwork.

To appoint an agent to sell your property. A Property Occupation Form 6 – Appointment and reappointment of a property agent.  Resident agent or property auctioneer (PO Form 6) must be completed and signed.

This is a Queensland Government appointment form and should be used for all services provided by a property agent or resident letting agent.

Your appointed agent will provide you with the necessary paperwork.

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