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Cushions are like shoes and handbags for the home – they are the perfect accessory. While a girl can’t have too many shoes and handbags, a home can’t have too many cushions.

So if you have (or have recently purchased) the perfect lounge you will be looking for the perfect accessories – the cushions and throws that will make your room come together.

Coming into winter the trend at the moment is soft and cosy, which means more cushions on the lounge. A room (and indeed a lounge) can look more inviting with a generous quantity and range of cushions. Don’t be afraid to be daring by combining different textures, colours and patterns.  By changing your cushions every tHicks Real Estatee or six months you can completely transform the look and feel of your room – for very little expense.

Here are some of our tips to help you accessorize your lounge with cushions:

1. When selecting your cushions go for either tones or a strong contrast.  Take a good look at your lounge and the other colours in your room (curtains, rug, carpet etc) and work out which colours you want to accentuate and then look for cushions which tone with those colours.  Alternatively look for contrasting colours and patterns that will brighten the room.  Just a word of warning, there’s a fine line between being too matchy-matchy and too loud and in your face.

2. A general rule of thumb is that if the cushions are the same buy them in pairs (or even numbers) and if they’re different (either in shape, size, colour, etc) go for an odd number of cushions.  And don’t forget you can match the same pairs with the odd numbers – so you could have two the same and tHicks Real Estatee different but not tHicks Real Estatee the same and two different! Tricky to explain but it works!

3.Complete the look of any combination of cushions with a throw rug carefully placed on the lounge which will help to tie all the textures and colours of the cushions together.

Once all the cushions are in place then all that’s missing is 30 spare minutes, a cup of coffee, a good book and feet up on the ottoman!

Source: Nick Scali Reviews

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