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Ticket Park Westfield Chermside. With the new renovations to the Westfield at Chermside progressing quickly and nearing completion, a further great idea will soon be unveiled.  Ticketless Parking will be adopted.

Westfield’s across Australia are introducing a new paid parking system that doesn’t rely on paper card tickets and is adopting a more toll like system. The new system allows a customer to park without the paper ticket, avoiding long queues and hassle of checking the time you entered the shopping centre. The advanced parking system is here based on licence plate recognition technology.

If you stay over 3 hours and register for Ticketless Parking the boom gate will automatically open upon exit, any parking fees will be automatically deducted from your credit or debit card. If you are not registered for Ticketless Parking and you stay over 3 hours you can pay at any of the Pay Stations near the Centre entrances.

Registration is at to set up the account link with your credit card. This process removes the need to visit a pay station and allows the same use across Westfield ticketless parking.

What will you notice
– The entrance is open and boom gate is removed,
– New devices are being installed
– A digital clock displaying your time of entry.

Overview for Shoppers
– Shoppers still park for free for the first 3 hours
– Free parking for disabled parkers who register for the Ticketless Scheme
– Spend $200 in a single day, you can obtain free parking from the Concierge
– Free Parking if you enter in after 5.30pm and leave before 9am
– Pay stations allow monitoring of vehicle entrance times

Reports are that the cost of parking for over 3  hours will rise significantly though, so will will wait to see.

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