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A left turn off the Bribie Island bridge and you have arrived in Bellara. The home of the famous Sylvan beach. Where many locals make their home, and why wouldn’t you, with so much natural beauty surrounding you.

Population Snapshot: Who lives at Bellara

As of the 2016 Census there were 3225 people living in Bellara, which was similar to 5 years previous. The area’s inhabitants median age is 56 and the predominant household is one made up of a couple with no children.



Sales price snapshot:

Property prices rising Median property prices over 2019 in
Bellara have seen houses reach $390,000. Bellara has seen a price growth rate of 30% for houses since 2012 when the median house price was $300,000. Units at Bellara are $313,500 up from $249,000 back in 2012. Investors enjoy a good return on their investment in Bellara.

Sylvan beach real estate

Reasons We locals love it

Sylvan Beach

Has great playgrounds for the kids, the Pirates only Park is especially a delight. The beach itself has a wonderful safe sandy beach, with shallow water for the smaller children to play. You can even hire a boat here and get out on to the magnificent Pumistone Passage.

Suburb profile Bellara

Bibimulya Wetlands

Is the home to a wide range of native and migratory birdlife. The beautiful lagoon provides a safe home for these beautiful creatures. The lagoon can only be accessed via footpaths, which makes it a great place for a leisurely walk to watch the birds, you can even take your dog. A little hidden treasure.

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