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After the floods it is time to rebuild and get your business back up and running.  We have collated key information and links to help small businesses manage the impacts of the SEQ rainfall and flooding events of February 2022.

What financial support is available?

• Flood Recovery Grant – for directly impacted businesses The extraordinary disaster assistance recovery grant is up to $50,000 and can be used for clean-up activities, repairs including to equipment, flooring, and walls, insurance excesses, and replacing lost stock not covered by insurance (details on how to apply are below).
• Disaster Assistance Loan – for directly impacted businesses Disaster Assistance Loans offer up to $250,000 can be used to repair or replace damaged plant, equipment, or buildings, replace stock or meet carry on costs including rents or rates.
• Disaster Assistance Loan – for indirectly impacted businesses Disaster Assistance (Essential Working Capital) offer up to $100,000 can be used to pay staff, creditors, rent or rates and purchase goods that are essential for your business such as fuel.

Details on how to apply for the grant:

Apply online through the Queensland Rural and Industry Development Authority (QRIDA) here, or you can download a copy of the application and complete offline. QRIDA has published helpful information on dealing with insured property, FAQs and downloadable short, simple and clear guidelines here. For specific questions, please call QRIDA’s helpline on1800 623 946 or email QRIDA here. Impacted businesses can register for $500 business advisory; and $2,000 re-tooling vouchers from BizRebuild, a business-led initiative of the Business Council of Australia.

Handy tips and checklists – Small Business Disaster Hub App

The Small Business Disaster Hub App draws on lessons learned in the 2019 monsoon trough event in the Townsville region and you can use it to access practical clean-up tips, checklists, suggested messaging and other resources. Download the disaster hub app (available free on Apple | Google)

Insurance basics

Where to start Find tips for starting the recovery process on the Small Business Disaster Hub App.

Insurance claims

Legal Aid Queensland has a guide with help getting an insurance claim paid or you can also phone their natural disaster legal helpline on 1300 527 700 to understand your options. Disputing insurance outcomes The Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) offers a free service that aims to resolve disputes between small business and participating insurance companies or you can call AFCA on 1800 931 678.

Understanding your responsibilities as an employer

Fair Work Australia has published a guide about employee entitlements during natural disasters or emergencies including standing down staff without pay, and has posted flood specific information for employers on their website here. You can also phone their info-line on 13 13 94 for specific information on your circumstances. Learn about doing clean-up work safely and how you can manage volunteers following storms and floods.

Supporting and retaining staff

Some questions to consider: How have your employees been affected and is there anything you can do to help and support them? Can you retain all your employees and assign them other roles until your business is back up and running? Is it viable to apply for a Disaster Assistance (Essential Working Capital) loan to pay salaries and wages for a period to retain staff?

Leased business premises

Contact your landlord as soon as possible to discuss the steps being taken to repair or reinstate the premises, including insurance. It is important to also discuss expected timeframes for repairs. Legal Aid Queensland offers natural disaster legal help including a handy guide for commercial and retail leases that answers common questions such as who is responsible for:
• cleaning up flooded premises or paying for the clean-up?
• repairing structural damage to the building?
• ensuring the utilities (gas, water, electricity) are reconnected? And
• No flood insurance cover on your business premises – what are your options?

Other help and support for small business

The Office of the Queensland Small Business Commissioner has developed a range of support materials. You can visit for more information or contact us on 1300 312 344.

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