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Some may describe the market as “sluggish” others describe it as “normal real estate conditions.” Whatever the case, property investment has never been a get rich quick scheme.

“Property is a great investment over long periods of time,” says leading agent Madeleine Hicks of Hicks Real Estate Everton Park.

“Too often people get excited when the market booms and fast gains can be made. This type of market is rare and generally lasts for short periods.

The current climate is typical of a normal real estate market where one can make steady long-term gains over time,” explained Madeleine.

History shows that property has proven to be a great investment averaging annual growth of upwards of 7% per annum over 10 year periods. This provides the opportunity for property values to double every 7 – 10 years.

“There are riches to be made through property investment but a sound strategy and patience are the keys,” concluded Madeleine.

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